G&W TW-A9SE stereo power amplifier single-ended Class A hifi BTL

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G&W TW-A9SE stereo power amplifier single-ended Class A hifi BTL amp hi-fi audio, Brand new

There is 2 Edition of G&W TW-A9SE power amplifier, Regular Edition and Deluxe Edition
The output transistor of Regular Edition uses the US ON gold seal high power transistor
The output transistor of Deluxe Edition uses the Japan SANKEN thick copper shell gold seal high-power transistor, the sound transparency is higher.
This G&W TW-A9SE can be as BTL(Balanced Transformer Less, Bridge Transformerless) balanced output power 200W power amplifier too.


G&W in the sale of 2 × 50W Single-ended pure Class A power amplifier on the occasion of the 10th anniversary.
G&W Factroy's Mr.Wu Gang after learning and making amplifier ten years, fusion transistor classic circuit of the essence of the world's first-class level, launched a landmark G&W TW-A9SE pure class 2 × 50W power amplifier, BTL(Balanced Transformer Less, Bridge Transformerless) balanced output power 200W power amplifier.
Circuit using double differential amplifier circuit,
Output push level using FET, to promote two pairs of gold sealed high-power transistor, the output 2 x 50W A class of gold power, but the sound is delicate, the sound is gorgeous and transparent and dynamic Ling Li, to promote ATC19 and Dynaudio AOSIBAO 52 like 83dB- 85dB low sensitivity speakers, showing a very satisfactory driving effect.

G&W TW-A9SE single-ended Class A power amplifier, using the new development of the G & W FET to promote the circuit, so that dynamic overload distortion softening.
Circuit printed board integrated design, high-power transistor welding pressure on the printed board without lead of labor.
Using the United States MJ15024 / MJ15025 type 8 gold sealed high-power tube to do single-ended A class output level, the output current up to 32 amps.
Power part the use of four Japanese chemical For Audio10000mF as filter.
The top of the chassis with professional integration E-8kg weight radiator.
Input RCA, the output terminal for the United States "CMC" gold-plated high-grade socket.
Even more surprising is that TW-A9SE Class A power amplifier signal to noise ratio has exceeded 100dB mark, reached the peak of the amplifier industry 115dB, driving force and high frequency details to be improved, by the enthusiasts of the high degree of attention The With high-power transistor sealed high transparency, but also in line with the pursuit of the ideal enthusiasts enthusiastic.
Perfect sound quality of the pack, can be the world alone.

Input sensitivity: 1000mV
Frequency response: 6Hz ~ 220KHz (-1dB)
Harmonic Distortion: 0.005% (10W, 8W, 1KHz)
Signal to noise ratio: 3115dB (without weight)
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Input impedance: 47Kohms
Machine size: width 430 × deep 290 × high 168mm
Net weight: 16.5kg
Gross weight: 18kg
Power supply: AC100V -240V 60Hz/50Hz (100V, 110V, 120V, 230V, 240V version will take 3-14 work days to order. 220V version is in stock.

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