G&W TW-A100 pure Class A power amplifier 100W*2 Powerful hi-end

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G&W TW-A100 pure Class A power amplifier 100W*2 Powerful

hi-end transistor power amp Brand new


1. The use of precision dual differential amplifier circuit.
2. Voltage amplification part of the power supply using high precision regulator.
3. Left and right access to the use of independent power supply, the channel separation of 100%.
4. Using the United States IR company high current rectifier bridge, and add a tooth-shaped radiator.
5. Using 63v10000uF British BHC fever level electrolytic capacitor 8, made the main filter, sound quality has a unique style of flavor.
6. The use of new mold development of large integrated radiator, so that the whole heat balance to achieve the same.
7. The use of stainless steel plate processing of high-quality chassis, stainless steel plate does not conduct, so that the transparency of the sound quality increased.
8. The use of 20mm thick silver gray aluminum drawing the front panel, both sides with a large sand spray handle.
9. The use of imported silicon steel film wound high-quality R-shaped power transformer.
10. Using WIMA, ELNA For Audio, Panasonic 105 ℃, Rubycom, MUSE and other fever electrolytic capacitors.
11. The use of Japan's high-power KOA no sense of cement resistance.
12. Voltage amplification, current amplification, rectifier filter, high-power tube using a printed whole body design, no lead of the labor, so that the machine greatly improved reliability.
13.The United States Mo Tuo La pull gold seal MJ15024, MJ15025-type high-power tube a total of 24, with the printing connection with pure copper screws.
14. The machine adopts the full-function protection circuit such as power-on delay, mute, mid-point DC detection, overcurrent protection.

Input sensitivity: 1000mv
Rated output power: 2 × 100W (8Ω, 20Hz ~ 20K Hz)
Frequency response: 6Hz ~ 96KHz (-1dB)
Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.05% (20Hz ~ 20KHz; Vo: 50W)
Confidence ratio: ≥ 100dB (A weighting)
Load capacity: can promote 83dB low sensitivity ATC and other speakers
Machine size: deep 515 × width 440 × high 225 mm
Net weight: 50kg
Gross weight: 52kg
Dimension: width 22 × height 12 × depth 34 cm
Power supply: AC100V -240V 60Hz / 50Hz (100V, 110V, 120V, 230V version will take 3-14 work days to order. 220V version is in stock.

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