Bada Purer 3.3 hi-fi Tube Class A Integrated Amplifier

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Bada purer 3.3 Class A intergrated pre power amp Tube 12AU7
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a) Reasonable structure is a basis for audiophile voices, as a reasonable structure can reduce syntony,and reduce sound pollution,also reduce the mutual interference of the various parts. Purer3.3 uses framework structure,to ensure the chassis be solid,power transformer located at the front chassis and has independent shielding interval,reduce electromagnetic interference, and the circuit of left and right channel of poweramp are respectively fixed on the two vertical radiator, and symmetrical arrangement on the left and right side in the chassis, in the middle of chasiss,a big circuit board is used to place preamp and power supply of poweramp, each part are placed orderly, less interference with each other,looking very full and beautiful,
b) Materials can be described as heavy-weight,three transformer power supply for Purer3.3,two 380W transformer service left and right channel in poweramp, a small R-type transformer for preamp, power supply filter uses electrolytic array, all the switches use small lose relay to control, total 16 pieces of power transistors, volume potentimeter is the well-known ALPS, preamp use the famous 6N11 (or 6DJ8, 6922) tube,WIMA capacitors and SOLEN capacitors to adjust sound.
c) In order to achieve a more perfect music playback effect,Purer3.3 is using the combination of tube and transistor, has both charming of tube and strength and speed of stone,each channel in preamp uses a proverbial 6N11 to combine dual amplification,6N11 has advantages as wide frequency response,small distortion, big drive power, by adjusting the appropriate operating point and the feedback network, it is easy to achieve the effect of audiophile voices, of course, such work is to be finished after repeated contrastive monitoring.
d) The poweramp circuit is newly developed full balance amplify technology, has features as good symmetry, small distortion, stable and high power drives and so on. The circuit use single power supply,avoid damage to the symmetry of circuit arised by asymmetry of positive and negative circuit parameters, really realize full balance amplification. As you know the priciple of electric bridge, positive and negative amplification signal just can offset the influnce from internal resistance of power supply and ripple, have a strong common mode suppression capability on circuit. Circuit is equivalent to use a non-resistance,no ripple,very perfect power supply,more effective than supplement power supply.
e) In additional circuit is using low-voltage power supply to get high-power output, so the transistors work in low pressure area of better linear,very small distortion,good sound, and thermal noise is also small, music is clean and quiet, high reliability. Due to the symmetry of the circuit,and strong common mode suppression capability,
f) all interference signals or thermal drift are automatically be offsetted, so the circuit can achieve full DC amplification,no need to use capacitors in feedback loop, circuit has wide frequency response, strong low-frequency driving force,take the spotlight to deal with low sensitivity speakers.
g) For functions,increase the fun to play Hi-Fi,Purer3.3 has two very unique features, one of which is sound regulation,make the circuit has different timbre through adjusting the network parameters of preamp, has straight-throug, tone 1,Tone 2 three positions. Consumers can choose an appropriate tone according to their own preference; Second is set the adjustment functions for A class, set 10W and 30W two positions, 10W A class is sufficient for household use,and not so much heat from the amplifier,suit for the environmentalist, 30W has larger heat, but can meet the people who dedicated in the Hi-Fi.Purer3.3 also has remote control function, there is a balanced input, has all functions of modern high amplifier.


Output power: Class A-1 10W +10 W (8Ω)
Class A-2 30W +30 W (8Ω)
Class AB 160W +160 W (8Ω)
Distortion: ≤ 0.5% (1kHz, 50W)
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (-1.5dB) (BYPASS state)
Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 88dB
Power supply: 110V(±10%)/220V(±10%) (110V, 120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will take 3-14 work days to order). 220V version is in stock.
Size: 430L*435W*140H mm
Net Weight:23kg
Gross Weight: 25 kg

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