BADA PU-2233 Reference power outlet Socket Hi-Fi audio HUBBBLL Socket US Plug

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BADA PU-2233 Reference power outlet Socket Hi-Fi audio Furukawa & HUBBBLL Socket with 4 US Plug
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1: Careful design: Through precision calculation, the inner wall of the socket is extruded into different shapes and different concave and convex grooves with different surface areas and sizes. The size of the groove is used for different resonance points to eliminate or reduce the vibration of the object. One semi-circular inner arc groove on the outer side is convenient for the socket to take one. The second is to destroy the "large mirror" reflection on both sides, to reduce the regular reflection and refraction superposition of external sound waves, thereby reducing the number of vibrations of the socket.
2: Precision Machining: It adopts aerospace aluminum extrusion molding, CNC machining center once molding, small and uniform installation gap, surface anodizing treatment, strong anti-oxidation ability.
3: Selected accessories: China agent supply "Japan Furukawa" welding-free power input socket; brand new original US federal medical grade HUBBBLL socket; British high-purity Cable.

Rated voltage: 220V-240V
Maximum load current: 15A
USB charging port output voltage: 5V/2A
Protection device: overcurrent overload protection, lightning protection overvoltage protection
Function: filter out electromagnetic interference, with charging USB interface
Scope of application: audio and video equipment, computers, various measuring instruments, etc.
Dimension: 345mm*134mm*104mm (L*W*H)

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