YARBO HIFI-9900DC-F Hi-End interconect cable balanced cord sterling silver XLR

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YARBO HIFI-9900DC-F Hi-End interconect cable balanced cord sterling silver XLR cords pair
100% Brand New

The price is for A pair of audiophile interconnect cable with 4 XLR (2 plugs to 2 plugs).

Other length can be customized, if the length you need is not shown, please contact us to get the price.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


1.NEW sterling silver balance signal cable:
2. Conductor composition: select pure silver conductor specification: 0.30mm1 strips placed in the center of the conductor ten 0.25mm silver-plated ultra-pure copper wire, precision twisted round shape, three-core conductor and then Covered Teflon media.
3. Internal structure of wire: The three-core wire is built in the center of the wire after the large pitch is twisted. The gap is filled (white cotton thread) and then tightly wrapped with (SHIELDED). Then we choose (0.10mm high quality silver plated wire) to woven tightly. Layer, black PVC with a sheath (with special metal particles).
4. The original imported three-pin stylus is plated with 24k thick gold and the shell is made of special expensive alloy material. The signal transmission effect is high quality superconducting XLR terminal, ensuring the long-term use quality will not drop, and has higher signal transmission level. , the potential of your audio equipment can be fully utilized.
5. The original imported powerful filter magnetic ring is assembled at the input end, which can effectively eliminate the interference of various high-frequency electromagnetic waves, which can make the music background pure and noise-free, the sound is sweeter, transparent, natural and real, and restore more audio details. Perfectly matched to the advanced HI-FI sound system.
6. All welding points are welded with the silver and tin professional of the German WBT original factory, and the quality is guaranteed.
XLR balanced audio connection terminal
Almost all high-quality audio equipment or studio equipment uses a three-core XLR balanced (interchangeable line resistor) connection terminal. This is because purely professional audio equipment uses almost all balanced circuits. When properly used, circuits and equipment that balance the topology are generally immune to environmental noise. The balanced connection consists of a separate conductor with two inverted signals and a conductor that provides ground. Noise can appear equally, but in opposite phases, so they can easily cancel each other out at the connector. Essentially, it is the same technology used in noise-cancelling headphones.
The benefits of using the balance line are believed to be known to the audio fans: First, the output voltage of the balanced terminal is twice that of the unbalanced one. The volume is only half of that when it is unbalanced, the power is more sufficient, and the sound sounds more full. Second, because there is At the common ground, the overall listening noise is much lower than that of unbalanced, and more details can be heard. And that's why only advanced audio equipment has balanced terminals. YARBO AUDIOPHILE CABLES new HIFI-9900DC-F balance line, the core is made of high-purity sterling silver and silver-plated copper, plus the advanced 24K gold-plated XLR connector, durable, practical use of solid contact, giving a very peace of mind.
Advanced wire will not only pay more attention to the materials selected, but YARBO will use Teflon for the durability and stability of the wire. If the equipment on the house has balanced terminals, I strongly recommend that you use balanced terminals. With a stable balance line, you can choose this pair of German YARBO balance lines.
Matching suggestions: The effect of replacing the coaxial line with the balance line is obvious, but the premise is that the equipment should have balanced output. The sound system is boring, dark, and the body does not condense. You can consider using this YARBO balance line

Model: HIFI-9900DC-F
OD: 8mm
Length : 1M

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