YARBO GY-3000PW OFC Hi-end power cord Silver-plated power cable US plug 1.5m

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YARBO GY-3000PW OFC Hi-end power cord COPPER Silver-plated power cable US plug 1.5m
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The outer casing is made of medical grade PC engineering plastic injection molding. PC engineering plastic has excellent electrical insulation, elongation, stability and chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance. It also has self-extinguishing and resistance. The outer casing made of fuel-burning, non-toxic and other special flame-retardant treatments has better insulation, ensuring stable and safe transmission of high-current power.
The other power plugs on the market are generally wired in a loose structure. The disadvantage is that the structure is not strong enough and durable. The split structure will affect the transmission of instantaneous large currents, resulting in unstable current peaks and speeds, resulting in overloaded plugs. And the split type loose structure plug connection mode, because there is a screw column in the middle, so the conductor must be bifurcated when wiring, it is easy to be divided into one side of the conductor and one side of the conductor is less, which will inevitably cause the use of the card line part The uneven force on the left and right sides of the copper piece causes the situation that the conductor cannot be clamped, and it is easy to cause unsafe hidden defects such as loose wires and short circuits during use; when the line is short-time overloaded or When short circuited, it will accelerate the damage of internal parts and insulation, thus affecting the use effect, life and safety of the power plug!
The other types of power plugs on the market are generally used in the simple way of connecting the upper and lower voltage wires. They are mainly pressed with two screws on the left and right sides. For long-term use, due to the uneven force around the cable, there is a wear-through wire. The skin contacts the conductor, the contact is short-circuited and other dangerous accidents, and the stress points mainly exist on the upper and lower surfaces, which easily cause serious damage to the internal structure of the power line and the overall electrical characteristics, thereby affecting the use of the entire power cord. The fever effect and unique performance.
YARBO (Abel) new American standard [upgrade version] power copper plug key upgrade points are as follows:
A: YARBO (Abbott) new patented design of the overall frame-type integrated structure ---- first very strong, durable, no deformation, the overall frame structure can avoid the uneven force of the conductor when wiring, the wiring is also completely unused Separate the tightly-constructed conductor inside the cable so that the conductor is completely clamped under the original cable-forming state, so as not to affect the transmission and conduction effect of the entire cable; and the corresponding lengthening protection of the plastic tailgate protection at the wire The design also effectively prevents the occurrence of unsafe problems in which the wires are loose during use, as shown in the figure.
Two: YARBO (Abao) new patented design of the tail gradually tightening lock line method ----- can make the entire surface of the power cord evenly stressed, that is, the surrounding force is evenly distributed, will not damage the original power cord Its own electrical characteristics and internal structural space, and will not cause the power line to be worn out and very stable, durable and the cable and plug are not tightly connected, so as to ensure the safety and good use of the power cable for a long time. effect.

Product model: GY-3000PW
Product specifications: OD11mm
The standard length : 1.5 meters.
Main components of wire: silver plated copper + silver foil winding + Teflon + shielding

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