YARBO FP-109FS Hi-End speaker cable Copper silver-plated loudspeaker cord pair

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YARBO FP-109FS Hi-End speaker cable Copper silver-plated loudspeaker cord pair with banana plug
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The price is for a pair of audiophile loudspeaker cables .


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SP-109CS uses a flat-plated pure silver square core copper core wrapped with a gas-tight transparent hose, and then twisted into a regular 8-shaped shape, the eight-core twisted composite cable process is very difficult, not a general factory can be manufactured. This line is not only silvery, but also has a red positive line mark. Its twisted texture is more beautiful with streamer and light, it seems to be more expensive, and the details are easy to use. This speaker cable features ultra low impedance, ultra low inductance and ultra low capacitance. The line reaches 14mm. Although the structure of the SP-109CS seems to be simple, you can see through the internal and external structure at a glance, but it is a mystery to design a so-called pure silver-plated square-core copper flat wire with a snake body, and the actual listening effect is also Convincing. This line has a very good tone color balance, the thickness is very moderate, the music melody is smooth and natural, the high frequency extends in place, the sound field is very wide, the instrument's overtones are also very rich, and the sound naturally has better imagery, especially some The recording of the live performance is more intense when it comes to the scene; the low-frequency stretch of the SP-109CS is also excellent and excellent, with excellent analytical power, smooth and smooth range from high to low, pure and crystal clear, not only the sound, but also the sound is pure and crystal clear. The music information can be clearly and clearly faxed, without any slight blur, even the usual unobtrusive details are also very clear and natural; the details of listening to the instrument will be more clear, the light knocking sound is more obvious, and the positioning And before and after the level is also clearly presented, YARBO/SP-109CS is a rare Hi-End value line on the market that can truly reproduce the beautiful movements.

Brand: Yarbo
Model: FP-109CS

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