YARBO CF-7010PW 1.5M HiFi audio Power cable OFC flat pure copper us plug Upgrade

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YARBO CF-7010PW 1.5M HiFi audio Power cable OFC flat pure copper with us plug Upgrade
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Germany Yabao CF-7010PW power cord has undergone numerous fine carving and fine grinding, combined with gorgeous warm and musical characteristics, the carbon fiber power plug is safely and non-conductive through special process treatment. The shell has unique shape and metal texture and modern sense! It can completely resist EMI electromagnetic interference and RFI radio frequency interference, making the music background more quiet and detailed; new improved wiring structure + high-density insulated fire-proof heavy metal power plug, 100% use high-purity copper full-contact pin, stable and durable, Conductivity is further enhanced. Stable and durable, the conductivity is further improved, coupled with the fair price of the German Yabao, which is always close to the people, the value of enthusiasts pay attention to and purchase.

Model: CF-7010PW
OD: 16mm
Length : 1.5M

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