Willsenton R200 5881x4 Tube Integrated Amplifier with Bluetooth

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WILLSENTON R200 5881x4 Tube Integrated Amp Power Amplifier
100% Brand New

Willsenton R200 is an integrated Amplifier, it is a Power Amplifier too (there is a group Power amp input), it is a Headphones amp, too.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


• The whole machine is made of pure gallbladder and hand-made tent welding. Using two high-quality wide frequency response EI output transformers.
• Use a square power transformer specially developed for this unit.
• The preamp uses a custom 12AX7 and two 6N1 vacuum tubes.
• The rear stage uses four 5881 vacuum tubes for AB1 class push-pull power amplification.
• The sound is open, unrestrained and powerful, suitable for enjoying big scenes, big dynamics and other types of music.
The external independent BIAS ADJ current display meter has adjustment and BIAS meter monitoring functions to keep the vacuum tube in good condition at all times.
• Start-up mute delay function (about 30 seconds). It can effectively protect the adverse effects of the instantaneous power on the electronic tube when starting up,
thereby reducing the damage rate of the electronic tube and increasing the service life of the electronic tube.
• Use thick silver-plated signal leads.
• Plug-in vacuum tube protective cover for easy installation.

The R200 features four 5881 vacum tubes for AB1 class push-ull ower ampifcation ,then incorporates one 12AX7 and two 6N1 tubes for signal,achieving an output power of 32W per channel amplifcation and driving.
This series adopts a pure vacum tube design and is manufactured with manual soldering processes.
It ncludes an extemnal, independent BIAS ADJ curent monioring meter and adjusting BIAS montoring funcions, which heps maintain the vacumtubes in optimal condition atall times.
Aditional features include a 30-second slent delay function,AL PS potentiometers, Bluetooth 5.0 comnectviy a headphoneoutput function, and easy-to-install plug-in vacuum tube protective covers.
The body is made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy with piano paint.
We use only high-quality vacuum tubes for our products!
The 5881 vacuum tubes in the R200 series produce a delicate,transparent,luxurious, and smooth sound. For the preamp section, weuse a specially customized 12AX7 vacuum tube for amplification and two6N1 tubes for driving. In the power amp section.
We employ four specially customized 5881 tubes for class AB1 push-pull poweramplification.
We have also incorporated a high-pass QCC3034Bluetooth chip in this series, allowing you to play music through the R200 using any Bluetooth output device.

Product specification:
Output Power:32W + 32W
Harmonic Distortion:1% (1kHZ)
Frequency Response:10Hz ~ 50KHz (-3dB)
lnput Sensitivity:210mv
lnput lmpedance:100KΩ
Output lmpedance:4Ω , 8Ω
Signal to Noise:90dB
Vacuum Tube:5881*2, 6N1*2, 12AX7*1
Power: 160W
Bluetooth v5.0
Bluetooth Chip:QCC3034
Bluetooth lnput: aptx, aptxHD,SBC and AAC
Working Temperature :32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40C)
working Humidity:20% to 80%
Temperature:-4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 80°c)
Humidity:20% to 90%
Power supply voltage: AC 100V - 240V 60Hz/50Hz (100V, 110V, 115V, 120V, 230V,240V)
Dimensions(W*H*D) : 390*260*215mm (15.36*10.24*8.47inch)
Net weight: 16.5KG (36LB)
Gross weight: 21KG (46LB)


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