Winner AD-1PRE audiophile preamp Decoder decoding pre-amplifier DAC

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ToneWinner Winner AD-1PRE audiophile preamp Decoder decoding pre-amplifier DAC ESS9028Q2M ESS with remote control
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Product introduction:
The pre-amp is a high-quality fever preamp decoder designed by Tianyi Company for three years. It is mainly used with Tianyi AD1PA.
It can also be used for pre-upgrade of AD2SE by setting AD2SE to the post-level mode and AD1PRE for its external pre-stage decoding.
Improvement can be seen immediately. The overall performance has changed dramatically.
4-channel analog audio input interface: 3-way unbalanced input (AUX, CD, DVD), 1 balanced input;
5 digital audio input interfaces: OPT1, OPT2, COAX1, COAX2, USB;
Analog output interface: two sets of unbalanced outputs, one set of balanced outputs;
The digital receiver chip uses the AK4118 of AKM;
The DAC chip adopts the ESS9028Q2M of the American ESS company, which has the signal-to-noise ratio of 129dB and the distortion as low as -120dB.
The I/V conversion circuit op amp uses TI's Ding-class fully differential op amp OPA1632 to maximize the high fidelity performance of the balanced transmission signal;
The electronic volume chip adopts the JUSE Ding-class MUSES72320, and the indicators such as distortion, signal-to-noise ratio and resolution are extremely excellent;
The balanced-to-unbalanced circuit op amp uses TI's Ding-class bipolar op amp OPA1612 with distortion as low as 0.000015% and noise density as low as 1.1nV/√ Hz;
The whole AD-1PRE is powered by analog power supply, which eliminates the interference of the switching power supply to analog audio.

Frequency response: 20Hz-150KHz (0 + l/-3dB)
Signal to noise ratio: > 108 (A-weighted)
Total harmonic distortion: <0.005% (lKHz)
Crosstalk (fundamental): ≥105dB (1KHz)
Crosstalk (fundamental) > 102dB (lKHz)
Supported formats: CD, HDCD, SACD (CD layer), MP3, WMA
Input interface: coaxial, optical, USB, AUX, CD, DVD,
Output a: two sets of unbalanced output, a balanced output
Power supply voltage: 200v
Dimensions: 444mm*108mm*420mm (manual measurement, subject to the actual product)
Net weight: lO.lKg
Gross weight: 12kg
Accessories: remote control, power cord, fiber optic cable, data cable A pair of batteries, warranty card, manual

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