ToneWinner AD-1PA Class a pure power amplifier HiFi full balanced amp stereo

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ToneWinner AD-1PA Class a pure power amplifier HiFi full balanced stereo amp supper high power
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AD-1PA belongs to the high-current pure class A power amplifier. Its sound quality is very delicate and mellow, and its signal-to-noise ratio is extremely high. Its tone is warm and heavy, and it has a bright and airy style, but it never loses its crystal clear and sunny style. The pure rear stage must match the preamplifier and be controlled by the sound quality of the preamplifier. Therefore, it will be played with different listening feelings. It can be said that it is very funny.
Fully balanced, fully symmetrical, differential input to differential BTL (bridge) power output pure Class A circuit design;
8 pairs of imported high-power HI-FI tubes per channel, providing 60A high current output capability;
The whole AD-1PA adopts high-quality 1200W high-power toroidal transformer, which shares the special audio filter capacitor of 180,000UF. The power reserve is strong enough.
The left and right sound power supply, the power amplifier independent cavity design, greatly reduce the influence of the station channel phase, further improve the channel separation degree;
Intelligent management of high/low voltage two-level power supply, in line with the high-fidelity Class A power output, while meeting the green concept of energy saving and environmental protection;
Class A/Class A automatic (manual) switching; multi-function protection measures;
AS/BWA+B power amplifier output mode selection, to meet a variety of AD-1PA with speaker equipment.

Frequency response: 10Hz~100KHz ( +1/-3dB )
Total harmonic distortion: AP measured 0.006~0.0086
Signal to noise ratio: ≥108dB (A weighted, balanced input), ≥115dB (A weighted, unbalanced input)
Output power: 300W (THD=1%, 1KHz, 8Ω single channel)
Machine gain: 29.5dB ± 1dB
Rated load impedance: 8Ω
Dimension: 444mmx449mmx294mm (width x depth x height)
Net weight: 42KG
Gross weight: 47kg
Power supply voltage: 220v

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