SoundArtist PRE-1 pre-amp Vacuum Tube HiFi Preamplifier with Remote

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SoundArtist PRE-1 Vacuum Tube HiFi Preamplifier with tube stabilivolt tube rectifier preamp with Remote Control
100% Brand New

The sound characteristics of this tube pre-amplifier is: powerful control, quiet music background, balanced sound quality in Treble, MIDDLE and bass, levels is clear, thick and rich sound, full and transparent, soft and detailed.
This tube pre-amplifier can be connected before the pure power amplifier, and also can be connected before an Integrated Amplifier to get the sound nicer.
The design of the amplifier circuit was inspired by Marantz 7, and the design of the Cathode following output circuit was inspired by Shigeru Wada.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.

Product introduction
SoundArtist PRE-1 Vacuum Tube HiFi Preamplifier
The sound characteristics of this SoundArtist PRE-1 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier:
strong control, quiet music background, balanced sound quality in three sections, clear levels, thick and rich sound, full and transparent, soft and detailed. Be true and natural,
This Preamp adopts the classic design of double E cattle power supply,tube stabilivolt, tube rectification, etc., selects high-quality imported components, wires, etc., fine workmanship, precise adjustment, excellent performance. Design remote control operation, more convenient to use.
The panel adopts 0.8cm thick aluminum alloy brushing process, the lower bevel cuts, more three-dimensional sense, the volume knob is made of solid aluminum, high-gloss technology, the overall texture is delicate, high-end and beautiful.
The lower bevel is cut for a more three-dimensional effect. The volume knob is made of solid aluminum material, high-gloss technology, the overall texture is delicate, high-end and beautiful.
This Preamp adopts the design of four inputs and two outputs, which can fully meet the needs of general fans. The two outputs can be output to two different power amplifiers or active speakers at the same time. All use pure copper gold-plated ports.
The power supply part adopts two independent El square transformers, high voltage and low voltage separate output design, and the sealed shield is fixed in the chassis to minimize power interference. After the rectification of 6Z4, 6N2 and WY1 are used to form a multi-channel parallel stabilized power supply system.
Separately supply the electron tube screens of different working states, completely achieve independent power supply and other electron tubes without interfering with each other.
The method of parallel voltage stabilization is costly and the component circuit complexity is unmatched by ordinary series voltage stabilizing circuits.
It is a household name in the industry that can significantly improve sound effects. The filter capacitors of the whole Preamp are all imported well-known brands.
Coupling capacitors use well-known imported WIMA and other polypropylene capacitors for coupling. Let the whole Preamp have a wide frequency response, dynamic foot, round and transparent, natural balance, good air feeling, and full of boldness.
The high-performance parallel power supply voltage stabilization part cooperates with the US8532W electron tube of the United States to make voltage amplification.
Combined with low-impedance military J-class 6J9 as cathode follower output, the Preamp has first-class technical indicators, the input internal resistance is hundreds of K. The output impedance is as small as more than 200 ohms, the distortion is as low as 0.018%, and there are rich Subharmonic weight, excellent performance. Full-bodied and full of musical characteristics of the amplifier, at the same time, regardless of the dynamics, transients, high and low frequency response, analytical power, and signal-to-noise ratio, they all belong to a considerable level, and they are not in line with foreign famous Preamps in terms of sound field and transparency Up and down, there is no difference.
Imported Teflon silver-plated wire is used to improve signal details, reduce signal loss, and reduce induced noise.
Use MCU switch to control advanced fully sealed relay to realize signal conversion, avoid switching noise and long life.
The signal output uses a relay delay. After the amplifier tube enters a stable working state, the relay pulls in the output signal to avoid the unpleasant noise generated by the electronic tube during the preheating process. At the same time, the integrated sound channel selection LED indicator on the panel is clear at a glance.
Technical parameters
Tubes: 6Z4x1, 6N2x1, WY1x1, USA SYLVANIA 8532Wx2, 6J9x2.
Input impedance: 100K
Output impedence: 300Ω
SNR: 90dB
Frequency response: 10Hz-30KHz
Harmonic distortion: ≥0.018%
Supply voltage: AC 110V ± 10% (50Hz-60Hz)
Size: 430mm X 320mm X 95mm(L x W x H)
Packing size: 570mm x 490mm x 220mm (L x W x H)
Net Weight: 8.8KG
Gross weight:12KG
Input Power Voltage: AC 100V - 240V 60Hz/50Hz (100V, 110V, 115V, 120V, 230V,240V version will take 7-18 business days to order). 220v is in stock.
Express delivery Shipping weight calculate by Dimension: 57*49*22/5000=12.5kg
Shipping weight by Sea or Train calculate by Weight: 12kg








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