Shuguang WE211 electron tube Best Match Pair vacuum tubes WE 211

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Shuguang WE211 electron tube vacuum tubes
Best Matched Pair 100% Brand new

Shuguang WE211 can fully replace with Tube 211.
The price is for 1 Best Matched Pair of Shuguang WE211 Vacuum tubes.
If you buy 2 pair(1 Quad, (4 pcs)), we will send the Factory Full Matched tubes to you.



Shuguang WE211 vacuum tube.

Shuguang brand WE211 tube is replica of American Western Electric vacuum tube, WE211 is for amplifier audio amplification.
The Shuguang is the only one Factory who truly full replica of American Western Electric vacuum tube!

More than 20 years of work experience technicians carefully assembled, chief designer on-site executive producer, the world's top 16 listeners comprehensive verification the sound.

Shuguang replica of Western Electric vacuum tube was born.

The sound of the vacuum tube almost is the full same as the Western Electric vacuum tube.

You don't need to find a Western Electric vacuum tubes hard, just need to get the Shuguang brand replica of Western Electric vacuum tubes.
Pins and seat of the tube are all plated with genuine gold (24K), can withstand salt test, do not fade in 10 years, good electrical conductivity.

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