Shengya CD-17CS Vacuum Tube hi-fi CD PLAYER can read HDCD

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Shengya CD-17CS Vacuum Tube hi-fi CD PLAYER can read HDCD
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1. CD-17CS CD player is from the original CD-17, it is a particular improved upgrade production on the basis of CD-17.
2. The machine is equipped with FET output and tube output, there is two output options; to user preferences based on different equipment or select the output mode.
3. A FET(field effect transistor) current output audio device, deep and powerful low-frequency sound field broad, dynamic powerful. The tube output have a beautiful sound, simple and honest nature, thin sweet.
4. Tube with precision high-voltage transistor hybrid power supply, high voltage stability. AC ripple coefficient is very low, the performance sound more "guts taste" the benefits of sound generated is very significant.
5. VAM1202 movement with a Philips high-performance, together with the highly integrated CD7-II digital servo IC, so that the machine has its reading is accurate, error correction ability, and good shock resistance.
6. Digital, analog conversion chip for the United States Burr-Brown's latest decoder chip PCMl796. The chip has a 24bit accuracy and 192KHz sample rate conversion, can accurately restore the music of every detail.
7. Analog signal amplifier Burr-Brown Corporation by the U.S. high-precision, high-speed op amp OPA604 and OPA2134 and OPA2604; also supported by well-known third-order GIC fully balanced low-pass filter can effectively filter the interference of digital noise, the audio signal more pure sound better.
8. The power of high flux, low leakage flux toroidal transformer power supply; to reduce magnetic interference. Low-voltage analog power supply by a precision power supply, number, movement power also increased from independent power supply responsible for the supply of precision to ensure that all parts of the circuit without disturbing each other.
9. Aluminum Multifunctional infrared remote control leisure, so feel better and better operation.
10. Replaceable power cord, easy to change the wire to change sound enthusiast.

Performance Index

Amplifying Tube: 12AX7
Rectifier Tube: 6Z4
Output Level: 2.5V
Frequency Response:
20Hz-20KHz ± 0.5dB(Tube Output)
10Hz-20KHz ± 0.5dB(FET Output)
Dynamic Range: ≥ 100dB
>94dB(Tube Output)
>95dB(FET Output)
Harmonic Distortion:
<0.005%(Tube Output)
<0.003%(FET Output)
Channel Separation: >90dB
Dimension:(W X H X D): 430 x 130 x 348(mm)
Weight: 10.5kg
Gross Weight: 12kg

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