Shengya CD-16 Fully balanced laser CD player Brand new black

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Shengya Advanced Audio CD-16 Fully balanced laser CD player
100% Brand New


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1. Digital/analog converter chip for the United States Burr-Brown's latest chip PCMl792. The chip has a 24bit decoding accuracy and 192kHz sampling frequency, can accurately restore the music's every detail; dynamic range and distortion performance of both chips than ever before have significantly improved. Also, to ensure that the conversion accuracy, but also particularly active with the clock system with independent, sound quality is more precise. .
2. By the four-channel analog amplifier circuit real balance transfers. FET field effect transistor using the CPI as a current output, sound, significantly improved degree of density and smooth, very close to the tube sound attractive. I / V conversion and digital filtering by the United States and Burr-Brown OPA604 OPA2134 OPA2604 and other senior operational amplifier IC, high precision, low noise, the performance of a beautiful sound, analytical high number of advantages.
3. Using Philips high-performance movement, together with the Philips digital servo system, so that the machine has its reading is accurate, error-correcting capability advantages. Musical expression of the movement is more superior than other brands. .
4. Analog supply voltage by the constant current power supply for Precision shunt, number, movement power also increased from independent power supply responsible for the supply of precision to ensure that all parts of the circuit without disturbing each other. WIMA with German-made brand of high-level audio-specific capacitors MKP, more pure sound so natural.
5. The power of high flux, low leakage flux toroidal transformer power supply. Effectively reduce the magnetic interference. .
6.XLR and gold-plated RCA terminals are used advanced materials, ensure the sound quality is also durable and beautiful more than performance on the sound field position, depth, width, and a sense of control over the sound of the air have a very good help. .
7. The machine the same chassis and the amplifier chassis design, three-point landing legs on the chassis balance and vibration damping force have a positive effect; aluminum alloy chassis can also reduce its resonant frequency, the degree of pure sound quality improved.
8. Advanced aluminum multifunction infrared remote controller leisure, so that operating feel better.


Output level: 2V ± 1.6dB
Frequency response: 10Hz -20KHz ± 0.5dB
Dynamic range: 120 dB
S/N: > 100dB
THD: < 0.001%
Channel separartion: > 90dB
Dimension: 446W x 142H x 410D mm
Weight: 10.5 kg
Gross weight: 11.5kg
Remote Control: Included
Power supply: AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz ( ±10%)

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