Shengya A-203GS Signature Full Balanced Class A Combined Amplifier

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Shengya A-203GS Signature Full Balanced Combined Amplifier Class A
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Product features:
• The new improved external output terminal; A set of audio signal input terminals (LINE 5) are used for external connection to other preamplifier audio output terminals,
so that the unit can be used as a stereo pure post-stage.
• The core of the preamplifier part is a high-speed DC amplifier module chip developed by accumulating years of experience.
• The volume control adopts the electronic volume control chip CS3310 made by American Crystal Company,
so that the error level between sound channels is controlled within 0.5dB;
• A ring high-power transformer with a shielding box is placed in the machine, which can effectively reduce the vibration and noise interference caused by the transformer during operation
• The two channels use acoustic special filter capacitors with a total capacity of up to 120,000 micromethods.
• 32 high-power transistors make up the 100W Class A output stage.
• Use MKP audio special film stepless capacitor, 1% high precision metal film resistor, and parallel voltage regulator power supply.
•After the signal input circuit is composed of field effect tube common source common gate differential amplification,
famous transistor as the second stage differential voltage amplification and current drive.

Product parameters:
Frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz (±0.5dB)
Rated output power 100W + 100W(8Ω) 200W + 200W(4Ω)
Class A output power 100W + 100W(8Ω)
Harmonic distortion 0.1%(1kHz 1W)
Low input sensitivity 280mV
High level input sensitivity (LINE 5) :650mV
Signal-to-noise ratio :90dB
Input impedance: 47KΩ
Net weight: 30kg
Total weight: 32 kg
Dimensions(W x H x D): 446 x 216 x 503(mm)


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