Shanling MC-3 MKII tube CD Player Ipod iphone dock tuner MC-50

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Shanling MC-3 MKII Music Center CD Player
100% Brand New

MC3 MKII is all the same as MC-50, just the name is diffierent.In China, it is named MC-3 MKII.It is named MC-50 outside China.
It can be a CD player. It can be an Integrated Amplifier. It can be a CD player + Integrated Amplifier. It can be a CD player + pre-amplifier. It can be a tuner FM/AM. There is a ipod dock, your Ipod or Iphone can be a sound source directly.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Combining high quality CD player, tuner, dedicated i-POD input and tube amplifier in one chassis.

With two 6N3 (tube) to do the buffer and preamplifier, power amplifier using two single-channel amplifier ICTDA2050 enlarge.
DA converter chip using BB's PCM1796.
Company with three TI OPA2134 do LFP IV conversion and filtering.
High-quality FM/AM tunmg system.
Mini multi-functional lever, concealed input or and volume control.
All aluminum chassis with cylindrical support and internal screening.

Output: 15W x2 ( 8 Ohm)
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 20KHz (±0.5dB)
THD: <=0.1% (1KHz)
S/N Ratio : >90dB
Input sensitivity: 200mV/47KOhms
Power consumption : 100Watt
Dimension: (WxDx H) : 408 x 275 x 142 mm
Power supply voltage: 110/220V 60Hz/50Hz
(100V, 110V, 120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will
take 3-14 work days to order),
220V version is in stock

Net Weight: 11.5Kg
Gross weight: 14Kg
Power supply : 220-240V AC is in stock. (110V version will take 3-14 work days to order)

Shenzhen Shanling Digital Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a joint-venture specializing in research & development, manufacture, processing, marketing and sales of audio products as well as processing of high-caliber metal ware for audio components.

Shanling has a wide variety of product categories ¨C SACD player, CD player, high fidelity solid-state and vacuum tube amplifier, advanced mini music center, tuner, audio ideo amplifier, etc. Besides being a DVD, SACD, CD licensee, we are qualified for adopting patented technologies Microsofts HDCD, Dolby Labs Dolby Digital, DTS, etc. Currently Shanling has established close partnership with many leading high-end suppliers and become one of the industry's most highly reputable manufacturers.

Set the fashion fever in one - the Shanling MC-3MKII Music Center

Recently, I have a good friend is about to move new homes, and are ready to buy audio equipment. However, due to his His wife did not like the home are placed in a bulky too and the number of too much equipment, and require a full-featured, easy to use. More important is to look beautiful, sound better, while the full set of equipment need to be controlled at around 10,000 yuan. The face of these "harsh" conditions of His wife, so he was very confused and not know how to buy to do, so ask me for help to find ways to Faced with these constraints, I can only proceed from the music center in the choice. But when I seen the launch of several component systems, he felt that these audio features are very complete, simple operation, appearance fashion, with the exception of the sound passable, and the results of the election several times did not buy into. Later, due to my work, I overheard a model of Shanling MC-3MKII music center, from the appearance and functionality to sound good, but the agent's offer of six thousand dollars, and if so, coupled with four thousand dollars a small bookshelf speakers, which will hopefully form a stylish and simple sound system. Exactly how good it is? Can not meet the requirements? We imagine what will happen!

Shanling MC the-3MKII Music Center.
Rated power: 2 × 15W (8Ω)
● Frequency response: 10Hz ~ 20KHz (± 1dB)
● SNR:> 90dB
● Input sensitivity: 200mV/47kΩ,,
● Total harmonic distortion: <0.1%
● Maximum power: 100W
● Price: 6800 yuan / Taiwan
● Advantages: fully functional, sound fresh and natural sense of music is outstanding
● look forward to: increase the headphone output
To fashion audio Audiophile advantages of rolled into one

First MC-3MKII's advantage is the integration of the concept of fashion audio functionality, ease of use as well as hi-fi enthusiast. Function has a high level of integration the same fashion music center, CD player, radio tuner, iPod music player and amplifier rolled into one, eliminating the need for multiple enclosures as well as the middle of the cable, so that the sound system has been simplified. In operation, MC-3MKII also very simple, all the operation buttons are located in the box at the top, and the signal switching and volume control is set to the first panel at the top left and right sides of the metal column, and the knob is large enough, the use of very convenient.

As for not hi-fi, we can design by MC the-3MKII body will be able to see about. For example, enlarge MC-3MKII's part, the design of forward-looking stone, former part, the use of 6N3 to complete, then level the Ministry of IC TDA2050 is used as a power amplifier can output up to 15W. This is obviously enthusiasts recognized the pretty sound practice, the purpose is transient and dynamic of the tube warm and mellow tone and transistor combination. But if users feel 15W output power is not enough no need to worry, because MC-3MKII with the pre-output function, and greater post-amplifier through an external power to get a more powerful driving force. In addition, the terminal also uses the Audiophile large terminal, to facilitate the use of a different speaker lines available to the users have a flexible playability.

Sturdy and solid chassis, stylish and beautiful appearance

In addition to the functionality and ease of use, process and appearance of the equipment also is of considerable concern to consumers. This is especially for the younger generation of consumers is more important. In their eyes, sound in addition to listen to, but also need a decoration in the writer. In this regard, the MC-3MKII done really very good. From appearance, it is not difficult to see MC-3MKII, modeling and high-end CD-T100MKII CD player is the same, which means that the MC the-3MKII with the high-end range of products have the same positioning and tuning, so the sound quality there must be guaranteed.

Chassis MC-3MKII, aluminum metal crafted, so the chassis is very solid, and when your hand to gently tap the chassis, the sound is very pragmatic and do not give empty feeling. And the process is also very fine, very smooth edge position processing, particularly smooth and smooth feel. Therefore, from the touch MC-3MKII gives full satisfaction. In addition, the MC-3MKII also special attention to color with its silver body coupled with a pale blue light embellishment to make the machine look more stylish look both beautiful and generous on the home. At the same time, when you in the dark light, the faint light of the tube filament, it is full of the taste of the "fever".

Fresh and crisp sound, excellent music performance

Function MC-3MKII's appearance and workmanship have been people very satisfied, and the next is to test the sound performance. Exactly how good it sound? I was listening to MC-3MKII is a fresh and crisp sound, with its emphasis on the density of sound, speed and analytical. In particular, its midrange and treble performance is quite good, very clear, refined, delicate, sweet, very rich in detail. Listen to Gro Miou playing Mozart Violin Concerto, nice sound great, the lines of the violin is not only clear and detailed, and the sound is quite supple natural ups and downs of the transition smooth, excellent musical sense, it is to listen do not feel any pressure up entirely able to relax the mood to listen to music, so I am very satisfied with its performance. Listen to the recording of vocals, the MC-3MKII playback capabilities of the human voice to grasp very well, very accurate, regardless of thickness or analytical aspects of a good performance due to excessive thickness becomes hazy. giving a real feeling.

15W also have a good driving force

15W output power MC-3MKII, in terms of whether it is driven by how? To ensure that the MC-3MKII have a good driving force, of course, also need to have a high sensitivity speakers with. For example, the Onix Concerto No. bookshelf speakers can be used with the original, Castle Richmond speakers and KEF's C Series bookshelf speakers are all good choices. With these speakers, the MC-3MKII will be able to show a good driving force. However, it is an excellent driving force is not reflected in the strength and energy of the low-frequency performance, but the cohesion of the musical instruments and sound smooth terms. Deeply impressed by this, for Violin and Piano sound when I listen to Schelling played Chrysler piece "can unite strong, like a clear statement at the same time rub string texture, the violin and piano heavy feeling very good , listen to a sense of both smooth and stable.

Summary: MC-3MKII, full-featured support for CD, radio, and an external iPod player for playback of sound, and stylish, exquisite technology, solid chassis, sound fresh and crisp, sweet and detailed. Above all the advantages, combined with its price to consider, I can not find what the inadequacies.

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