Boyuu REISONG 1:2 passive Audio input transformer to Phone/PC/MP3 get hifi sound

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Boyuu REISONG 1:2 passive Audio input transformer for Phone/PC/MP3 Player to get hifi sound
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Boyuu REISONG 1:2 passive Audio input transformerS

REISONG 1:2 step-up transformer is a passive step-up transformer developed to compensate for the low output of audio signals from computers, mobile phones and MP3 players in the existing market. When using a computer, mobile phone and MP3 PLAYER to listen to music with hifi amplifier, generally find the sound is small, less details, dynamic and thin. Without a CD player, the decoder sounds full, because mobile phones and computers are designed to have an output value of 0.2-0.5V audio voltage, while existing amplifiers are generally designed to have an input voltage of 0.75-1.2V. This intermediate voltage difference requires a 2x boost value, and a REISONG 1:2 step-up transformer compensates for this vacancy.

The shell is hollowed out with a block of aluminum, surface oxidation oxidation, laser engraving.
The transformer core adopts imported iron core and imported enameled wire.
Taiwan gold-plated RCA signal seat
Basic parameters:
Width: 100mm
Depth: 71mm (with lotus seat depth: 83mm)
Height: 25mm (with transformer height: 50mm)
About the size of an adult's palm
Net weight: 300 grams
Gross weight: 380 grams
Bandwidth: 28Hz-68KHz
Impedance ratio: 300Ω + 300Ω: 2400Ω




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