Raphaelite CR5687 vacuum tube Pre-amplifier+Headphone Amplifier hifi Pre amp

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Raphaelite CR5687 vacuum tube Pre-amplifier+Headphone Amplifier hifi audio Pre amp
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This price does not include headphone impedance matcher

1. The CR5687 preamp + amp uses tube rectification and traditional multi-level capacitor-inductive filtering, which retains the design style of the year to the maximum and pursues classic retro style. This is a commemorative model in the Raphael amplifier series, which is only customized for lovers who like nostalgia or industrial sense.
2. The appearance of this CR5687 uses military green with brass knobs and brass labels, which is both retro and military. The front panel of the chassis is designed with a bevel, which makes the viewing angle more direct and the operation more intuitive. The four knobs on the front panel are from left to right. The functions are: front stage and amp function conversion, phase switching, volume adjustment, and sound source input selection.
3. The selection and phase conversion of multiple groups of input and output make the user more selective and practical. At the same time, there is a set of 600 Euro four-core Canon radio headphone jacks for the convenience of customers.
4. It should be emphasized that the output has a standard impedance of 600 ohms and the power reaches 1700MW, which is close to the power tube. The power can easily drive any rear stage and most of the headphones.
Name: 5687 Bile Preamp + Amp
Model: CR5687
Signal input: RCA unbalanced input * 3 groups
Signal output: 600Ω headphone output * 1 group
             RCA unbalanced output * 1 group
                        Balanced output * 1 group
Tube: 6X5 / 6Z5 * 1, 12AX7 / ECC83 * 1, 5687 * 2
Amplification gain: 7.5dB @ 600Ω / 20dB @ 100K
Distortion: <0.2% @ OUTPUT 2V 1KHZ
Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
Input impedance: 100K
Pre-amplifier output impedance: RCA 600Q XLR 150Ω + 150Ω
Headphone amplifier output impedance: 600Q
Headphone amplifier output power: 1700mW / 600Ω / THD <1% 1KHz
Frequency response: 15Hz-45KHz + 1dB
Input voltage: 220 / 230V
Power consumption: 30W
Insulation resistance: 200M Ω (DC2000V, 1min)
Volume: 400 * 245 * 165m (L * D * H)
Net weight: 11.5kg
Gross weight: 13.kg

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