Qinpu SP-3 USB Mini portable speakers for notebook pc 2011

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a pair of Qinpu SP-3 Avional USB Mini speakers notebook pc 2011
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Performance indicators:

Output power: 1.2W
Impedance: 4Ω
Power supply: USB
Separation:> 65dB
Speaker Unit: 1.5 "
Frequency response: 90Hz-20KHz
SNR:> 60dB
Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 78 (mm)
Net weight: 0.5Kg/ a pair (with wired remote control)
The bag are included.

The notebook is not included
Sheet music latest notebook speakers SP-3 Fuga has listed!
Elegance and preceding SP-3 SP-2 Maemi hit the biggest difference is the concept of portability.
In order to meet the "portability" requirements, we shape, weight, incorporating both done a corresponding design, the following instructions to start on the details section.
Elegance of the electro-acoustic design is no different with 1.5-inch full-range speakers are driven within the horn pressurized passive radiator to get more sense of low volume.
Box on the Chinese landscape painting freehand beautiful, unforgettable. Bone texture of the subject look crystal clear;
Design the perfect portable use, be sure to use and incorporate in the state can show a perfect shape, SP-3 elegance is like a very close spiritual "dinosaur egg", separated from the dignified elegance of a pair of traditional speakers;
I am sure you wonder how this form can firmly stand? In fact, mystery is hidden in the bottom of the four speakers permanent magnet materials, incorporating the state, they also can provide a stable form.
In the bottom left and right speakers is also very considerate provides the ability to incorporate the USB cable and stereo plug cavity, avoiding carrier status, these hard metal parts scratch body;
We designed this product targeting, when the weight 500 grams -600 grams, net weight of the final is about 500 grams. Because excessive weight is not conducive to the subject of portable, too small have a negative impact on the quality. Therefore, we chose the material ABS plastic and zinc alloy combination.
The bottom of the outer appearance can clearly see the metal cross-section;
Wired remote control design is different from the high light matte texture constitute a Tai Chi gossip graphics, and echoes the contents of the box, thick Chinese style

Because the bottleneck is the small size box of the dive and the amount of low-frequency sense. Need to dive deep sound speakers to meet the requirements of its own features, but you can sense the amount of radiation by passive means to improve, both are indispensable. Therefore, a high gas-tight design box, the user is not out of curiosity, disassemble, or because the conditions in the amateur 100% recovery can not affect the sense of hearing.

In the sense of hearing because the SP-2 and has a similar structure, so the comparison of similar commercially available products also has a big advantage, dive deep bass sound Open. Play Boys in particular have an advantage.
NdFeB speaker, complete the TPE cable, long-life potentiometer Taiwan. . . Quality, as always, look fresh and new. .

PS: SP-2 and SP-3 FAQ explains:

A: Wire is too small, certainly not durable! . . .
We use the TPE cable, earphone and other more common such as the use of this material. Because of its resistance to bending performance determines its service life. The TPE-line anti-bending performance is very excellent. The market is visually fairly thick PVC line, for example, mouse lines, data lines.
The price of raw materials, PVC TPE higher than about 5,000 yuan / ton. (These two materials are also graded on a scale), because the physical properties of TPE materials are excellent anti-bending, low temperature resistance, anti-aging properties are good, but non-toxic tasteless, unlike a lot of PVC line, when a large bag with a plastic taste pungent is opened. TPE cable is thick enough to need to meet the requirements, so it looks like a number of small diameter.
Line core is enough to feed four core eight 0.08MM (4 * 8 * 0.08) of high-quality copper enameled wire. Than the average looks very "majestic" line of low-grade PVC cable core is much greater, much stronger current carrying capacity.

Two: there is sonic boom. . . . . . . .

Sonic boom is actually a distortion is speaker amplifier overload or overload.
Because now everyone in the computer most of the tracks are downloaded from the Internet, track their uneven level (or even to a small volume is high distortion), while the amplifier circuit has to be set a magnification of . If set too high, the greater the chance of sonic boom, there will be part of the track is too low to make the volume after the open, dynamic, and the volume is still not out.
Track level is a dynamic, and we require tone control potentiometer in the same position, yet really does not require an objective, not reality. In the CD player as the main source of this contradiction is not the age seemed so prominent, because the CD's produced a fairly standard, the level is relatively stable.
So we can make most of the tracks in order to play smoothly, so magnification can not be set too low, met with high-level tracks, we can decrease the volume right up.
Also have to say is that the laptop speakers, speaker of their limited carrying capacity and power constraints, can not play 100% complete track should also be understandable.

Three: the speaker connected to the new opened after the emergence of single-channel current sound;

This more common in use for more than a year or more computers, computer Headphone with oxidation, which causes poor contact or contact resistance. Both cases lead to a speaker does not ring or have current hum. Emergency treatment can be a simple rotation or a little more than plug the plug several times, to reduce dust and oxide layer can be removed.
Sheet music desktop HIFI products through rigorous testing before leaving the factory, there is very low risk of poor out of the box. So that when the first single-channel phenomena in accordance with the above approach, more than 90% can be resolved.

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