QINPU S-2 hifi speakers loudspeakers pair 2011 latest Green

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QINPU S-2 hifi speakers loudspeakers a pair 2011 latest
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This S-2 in September 2011 bluish-white swan & Sound has been demonstrated, unique, not only the appearance is very beautiful, and the sound quality is quite the bar, once the prototype was a pair price of 1800 yuan to grab an empty wash, to date, morning glory and finally production, grand market. Get our hands on, can not wait is the first audition, contrast, from 19:00 until 12:00, with the Yufeng Q-6, Guanju V-5, Fisherman's V-6 to carry out a careful comparison, and finally obtain the following more objective contrast.

Yufeng Q-6, the sound transparent, delicate, sweet, 360-degree sound, stylish, low-frequency weak
Guanju V5, transparent sound, sweet, delicate, simple and generous, a little more low frequency than the Q6

Fisherman's V-6, 3-inch full-range, full voice, soft and sweet, rich bass, high frequency as Q6, V5 texture, is the strength of the human voice
S-2 morning glory, transparent, sweet, delicate texture is very delicate and full thick high-frequency, low frequency passive radiator, the impact force is very strong, very full voice frequency
S-2 is also the voice of morning glory the most comprehensive 2-inch Desktop HIFI speakers, but also my favorite pair!

S-2 There are two color choices, military green and large red
Recommended with Q2, A1, DK-2, A3, A6000, D-1 effects are very good, and easy to be drived

With D-1, the sound is more soft, warm
With Q-2, the sound transparent, sweet-based
With A6000, smooth and sweet high-frequency, full of strong low-frequency

Sutra, "Buddha said: flowers and the world, as to leaf, a wooden one Bliss, an idea of ??a quiet. See the world with your eyes is not enough, only with the heart can participate in numerous Red, Wu mortal beings.

S-2's design is a continuous process of carefully ponder the matter, issued prior to small-caliber speakers close to the low frequency of large diameter has not been a good solution, when the physical limitations that can not be a breakthrough, low-frequency passive resonance radiation and the system also appear in my mind, the two-inch speaker "useless" low-frequency vibration amplification through passive radiator and with the speakers, desktop and room system is a superposition of resonant organic has been "beyond imagination" little horn low frequency sound effects. Once the design concept and practice of the long period of development began, after 10 months of listening to the actual measured parameters and revised numerous times, and finally in July this year, now identified the electro-acoustic program.

Buddha spent the voice insisted the permeability of the sheet music Desktop HIFI soft, delicate texture of dense sound, the difference is due to electro-acoustic program can improve two-inch horn at close range environment people have heard of thick rich in dive depth of low frequency, such as audition Tsai "three years" one, the spacious open-Yang sound field, dense low-frequency often people forget that it is just a pair of small 2-inch speaker. In short, it's quiet, gentle, wide and deep wisdom of the Buddha's enlightenment is like a flower.
16K-40K range of ultra-sound audio with a shallow horn, and in order to get a sense of the amount of soft yet dense enough frequency, using the sound device throat, larynx frontal plane through the sound diffusion and light a 360-degree horn shaped structure , so that the high frequency band supple, fine, dense and transparent, the spirit full.

The first part of the ultra-high sound-driven high proportion of zinc alloy die-casting radiator device constructed and designed to ensure the effective temperature and the speaker of the best pieces of anti-high-frequency resonance structure of the capacity.

Irregular geometric wooden box against sound pollution, paint and closed the gap filling glue saturated high air tightness process structure is an important foundation for one of the low-frequency reproduction.

HIFI-class gold-plated terminals, sheet music can be used directly for a class of light and shadow line fever banana plug wire in order to get better sound quality.

Integration of high-strength ABS nylon fiber speaker stand design, long-stroke suspension structure for the 2-inch trumpet replay created favorable conditions for low-frequency, full-range cone is a composite key Jiang Sheng.

Passive low-frequency radiator, which greatly enhanced the frequency of dive depth, a sense of volume and texture.

Some people may worry that the Buddha spent - the horn treble Datura penetration is too strong or harsh, in fact it's treble surprisingly supple, thanks to solid zinc alloy driver head structures and the frontal plane diffusion 360 Sound throat structure.

The low-frequency, from 2-inch speaker, passive low-frequency enhancer, sound of irregular anti-pollution and high gas-tight enclosure cabinet designed for the Buddha Flower - Datura obtain dense thick and lay a solid foundation for low-frequency .

For example, listening to old songs Tsai, JAZZ, and Xiaojuan "elaborate memories" of a class of records, not only can hear the clear, delicate, soft high-frequency, you can also feel as if the rain fell to the ground from the low-frequency , very welcome.

Ling-song 2 listen to each song, especially in front of the temple flowers - Plum and Sheng Xiaoyun of Suzhou line, the singer's sound bite word line-shaped cavity are very clear, every word Xiangfu pressing. Of course, there are waves of rain, and to the benefit from the low frequency.

Listen to "Chinese Ruan Xian Orchestra" in the Silk Road Camel, each instrument have shown a very distinct texture and very clear audio and video, vivid expression of the Silk Road desert ambitious and Buzz Camel's ethereal charm.

Sheet music in 2011 as the latest masterpiece, the Buddha spent - Mandala S-2 speakers, in the electro-acoustic technology and industrial design have a new breakthrough, is a collection worthy of the desktop audio player and play a good speaker.

Technical Specifications

Speaker: (2 "+1") × 2
Frequency Range: 60Hz-40kHz
Impedance: 4Ω
Sensitivity: 89dB
Power: 8W
Size: 230 × 145 × 140mm
Net weight: 0.8kg x2 = 1.6kg for a pair
Gross weight: 2.2kg for a pair of speakers

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