Qinpu DAC-3 HiFi digital player portable DSP lossless music player MP3 MAX9722

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Qinpu DAC-3 HiFi digital player portable DSP lossless music player MP3 MAX9722 chip
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About DAC-3 HIFI lossless music player
In many lossless music players, the piano still maintains a personality design style. The purpose is to hope to serve the players who pursue individuality. The simple and practical shape is behind the coffin material: all-aluminum body. All-aluminum buttons, power saving The curtain. Excellent decoding scheme, excellent acoustic circuit and structure, real. Fancy is never the advantage of the score,
D A C-3 design is law-abiding, proportional coordination, color coordination; temperament is steady, giving people a reliable feeling. Of course, sound and quality are as reliable as ever!
Show wild, simple and practical, strong and refined
The words of wildness, passion and even blood often come to mind. We admire the blood and the burden of military personnel, and have blood and wildness that people dare not move a hair.
Hard body design of steel
Eliminate cheap plastic materials, the main body is completely made of aluminum alloy die-casting materials and tensile materials, CNC precision production of aluminum alloy volume knobs and function buttons. 6 strong convex stainless steel screws to create the body of steel.
Knob :
The body's design is highlighted and the aluminum alloy knurling process is used to facilitate nighttime blind touch operation.
High-precision 60-level volume stepping design prevents sudden changes in volume caused by false touches
In addition to the three interfaces required, the fever amp PHONE OUT connector:
MAX Use the MAX9722 fever chip as the core amp circuit, enough to match the high-end headphones with 16-300 ohm impedance
Line output LINE OUT interface:
HFi-class pure balanced circuit output interface provides a high-quality sound source for players connected to traditional HiFi audio.
DC5V1A charging interface:
Equipped with a quality TPE charging cable, players can charge with their own USB power adapter.
Palm rest:
The metal chin rest is like a submachine gun shoulder support, which is convenient for palm gripping, and is more convenient for hanging on the hike.
Paint surface
High wear resistance, military grade high temperature baking varnish. Sand surface anti-skid process design.
Strong soldier military grade Seiko 304 stainless steel enamel, nut side rolling anti-skid pattern, 5mm diameter end stamping with micro-scale model and production number (almost magnifying glass can be seen).
Curtain is not just retro
The oldest, most mature technology, very low power consumption. The white enamel can also be clearly displayed (even under the hot sun at noon) is the only reason to choose a retro LCD enamel. The 180 degree curtain rotation function holds the way you want, and it is erect and reverse.
a lossless music player that is enough to express music
Sound restoration has not made some concessions, regardless of wavapeflac or wmamp3 format music. It strives to use the minimalist coloring and the aesthetics of the musicians to beautify and restore. There is no exaggerated statement and rendering. Only as watery and timeless.
Card slot:
Maximum support TF card capacity 5 is 32G
The TF storage card is externally plugged and unplugged, making it easy to plug and replace it outdoors and change music albums at will.
The HiFi transmission line for the DAC-3 wild kid is specially customized. The matched single crystal copper audio output cable makes the tone reproduction more secure.
[Battery] Large capacity battery compartment
It has a built-in 1200 mAh lithium battery and has a battery life of more than 12 hours.
HiR headphone amplifier circuit
MAX Use the MAX9722 fever chip as the core amp circuit, enough to match the high-end headphones with 16-300 ohm impedance. 24bitDAC high-fidelity decoding chip SP SP3306 lossless format decoding chip Music lossless playback,
Low Power DSPHardware Low Latency EQ (Sound Effect Processing)
Cooperate with S-band music to maximize the player's strength.
1. Use SP3306 lossless format decoder chip
2. Use MAX9722 amp chip

DAC-3 lossless Music player parameters
Headphone channel adaptation impedance: 16~300 Ω
Headphone channel output power: 42 64mW (16~300 Ω)
Failure level: 0.009% (THD+N)
Frequency response: 15Hz 30kHz
LINE output: 34mv
Power: DC5V1A
Dimension: 115*75*24 (mm)

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