PSVANE WE212 Vacuum Tube WESTERN ELECTRIC WE Replica Matched pair

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PSVANE WE212 Vacuum Tube WESTERN ELECTRIC 1:1 WE Replica Matched pair Psvane WE Replica series
100% Brand New

The price is for 1 pair of tube.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


About Psvane WE Replica series:

While the audio world still holds Western Electric vacuum tubes as the holy grail but the availability is so remote and affordability are no where close to average person’s wallet size, Psvane Audio out of China (run by an elite group of designers left the state owned Shuguang Tube Factory) has launched a series of 1:1 replica of the legendary WE tubes. The current models include: WE300B, WE274B, WE212, WE275(2A3) and a hybrid of WE300B and RCA2A3 resulting in a whole new model called WR2A3.

If you have been dreaming of experiencing high fidelity audio in the old fashioned tube way, this WE Replica series may just bring you back in time to the 1930′s with the same look, same feel and even ‘almost’ (we cannot say 100% as listening is a very subjective matter varying from person to person) the same good old sound.

Psvane WE212 Replica:

This is the world’s one and only 1:1 replica of the Western Electric 212 tubes. It has 4 “the most” among all audio vacuum tubes:

- The most difficult to make from production perspective,
- The most fantastic sounding from listener’s perspective,
- The largest sized audio tubes from amp design perspective,
- The most expensive to purchase from consumer’s perspective.
We have added a picture of Line Magnetic Replica WE 212 tube amp for you see to these magnificent tubes in action:

Detailed Specification and Measurement (in mm):


Uf : 14V
If : 6A
Static Parameter
Ua : 1500V
-Ug : 57V
Ia : 170mA
RL : 5K
Pout : 40W

Maximum Rating
Ua : 3000V
Pa : 150W

Direct Interelectrode Capacitances
Grid to plate :18.8PF
Grid to filament : 14.9PF
Plate to filament : 8.6PF

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