PSVANE ART EL84-S Vacuum tube Hi-end Vavle Best Match One pair

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PSVANE ART EL84 Vacuum tube hi-end vavle best match one pair
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Product features:
Do better now, don’t ask about the future What kind of experience is it when you make a vacuum tube that may be the best sound on earth? Five years ago, when we decided to create the Acme series of audio vacuum tubes, there were countless visions for us. Like the spirit of the voice of the nobility, our pursuit is not only the abundance and satisfaction brought by material. We sincerely hope that Voice of Nobility will become one of the few respected sound manufacturers in China. We also hope that we, like every fancier, are always familiar with vacuum tubes, audio, music and life, no matter upstream or downstream. As the flagship product for many years, the classic reissue series has been praised by the voice of the nobility from all walks of life. A person who wants to move forward is just himself-the most powerful opponent. We know how difficult it is to make a masterpiece surpass a century-old classic product, but to achieve the original intention and meet expectations, we must be full of confidence and patience. When the mind thoroughly understands it will become wisdom, and wisdom thoroughly understands it will become a virtue The development and manufacture of vacuum tubes has always been a multidisciplinary and complex field. We are in awe of this, but this does not mean that we are unwilling to move forward. This time, we have chosen to subvert the platform with the highest honor: gather development teams at home and abroad to develop flagship products with independent intellectual property rights, and at the same time combine the voice of the noble's understanding and accumulation of technology, this is the Acme series. In the Acme series, we have a number of patents, and we have also written a new chapter in the field of audio vacuum tubes: the earliest high-power vacuum tube with composite metal mesh (Acme 845, 805, 211, etc.) worldwide shielding rod structure, The ingenious combination of graphite and wire mesh makes the sound very warm and transparent. Even at a temperature of 600℃, the stress and thermal expansion coefficient of the two materials are also very coordinated, not only the sound is very stable, but also the power reserve and service life are greatly increased; the innovative filament processing technology greatly improves the transmission capacity, and the sound has Dynamic, so that it ignores logic, such as immersion. As the only modern audio vacuum tube in the world with retro onion glass shell style (Acme 300B, 274B, 2a3, etc.), it is beautiful inside and outside, paying tribute to the century-old classic series; considering stress and harmonious vibration relationship, use Suspension core structure Acme 300B, 274B, 2a3, etc., can improve the support structure, so that the sound is not bound, the whole band is full of fresh music and rich details; in the design and manufacture of the tube seat, the Acme series is very All aluminum milling technologies are used ingeniously, with the help of the Teflon base to achieve the perfect cup holder arc, to achieve a 360 ° artistic precipitation beauty; even for details such as solder, we are also closely related to many well-known German, Japanese, etc. Brands are compared, German audio solder is selected, and then post-processed, which is finally suitable for our Acme series. The unique ingenuity lies in the impeccable realization of every detail. During the five-year research and development process, in order to select a new material, not only its parameters should meet the requirements of the vacuum tube, but also its excellent sound quality. Our research team has conducted research with researchers from well-known institutions in the United States, Britain and the Netherlands. Extensive connections, after dozens of screenings and comparative auditory tests, we finally chose a material. Starting from the first drawing, we began to use industrial high-end 3D design software as auxiliary design; in order to verify the rationality of the product, from the first From the beginning of the structural test, we used 3D printing technology. All these efforts are impossible to imitate and engrave just because of the hard work of R&D: In order to make the materials, structure, craftsmanship and sound performance meet the extreme series requirements, we have completed the equipment and equipment from the R&D department to the high-end production line Almost complete renewal and replacement of personnel. The voice in the ear, the charm in the heart At the beginning of the establishment of Voice of Nobility, we, friends who love music, gathered together for the same dream: I hope we can create the best vacuum tube on earth. The sound we expect is based on high transparency, a strong sense of 3D and a natural and smooth infrastructure. At the same time, the music is completely rich in color and appeal, and its speed, dynamics, texture and density are also comparable to the world's top musical instruments.

Interelectrode capacitance

Output capacitance: 6.5PF
Cross-circuit capacitance: 0.5PF
Capacitance between heating wires of the first grid: 0.25PF

Static parameters
Ua: 256V
Ug2: 256V
Rk: 120 mA
Ia: 48mA/V
Limit rating
Anode voltage: 500V
Anode dissipation power: 12W
Second grid voltage: 300V
Second grid power dissipation: 2V
Cathode current: 65mA
The first grid voltage: -100V
Voltage between hot wire cathodes: ±100V
When the bias is fixed: 0.3MΩ
When self-biased: 1 MΩ

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