Matched Quad(4) PSVANE Vacuum Tube KT88-T Classic grade black

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PSVANE Vacuum Tube KT88-T Classic Grade Matched Quad
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The price is for 1 Quad(4 pcs), we will send the Factory full matched tubes to you.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Got the Psvanes. They replaced KT88 treasures and prior to that Pentas and gold lions. There’s just no comparison. If I had to really quantify what I’m hearing I would say the Psvanes just have confidence to sound amazing where as the treasures sound awesome, but polite and demur. in either case the treasures and the Psvanes beat the pants off of the GLs or anything else for that matter.
Pez on AudioCircle
The Psvane T-series black bottle tubes are a further development over the highly sought after Shuguang Treasure Z-series, which was originally first launched by Grant Fidelity in Jan 2009 in North America as Shuguang’s first take on high end vacuum tubes.
The elite team of engineers who contributed to the Treasure Z-series have done further fine tuning of the Z-series in the past few years. The further development has created a new series called Psvane T-series which including 4 black bottle models for the time being – KT88, 300B, 6CA7 and 6SN7 (CV181). The Psvane T-series is considered as MKII version of the Treasure Z-series, but the brand of Psvane is under different ownership backed by venture capital in other countries and controlled by different parties other than Shuguang tube factory itself.
The Psvane 300B-T tubes are direct replacement to standard 300B tubes of all make.
Psvane 300B-T has exactly the same electronic specification as the Treasure 300B-Z. The tube base has been upgraded to gold plated instead of white ceramic. All pins are gold coated as well.
Sonically the T-series is considered modern refined while the Treasure Z-series were originally developed to after the New Old Stock tube sound. Both are great sounding tubes – if you can get your hands on a set with good testing results, you will enjoy both immensely and expand your ‘black bottle’ collection.
Due to the materials selected for constructing the black bottle tubes, the Psvane T-series will require similar 150-300 hours burn-in time to sound to its best.

Some precautions about using high voltage power tubes:

Unlike other vacuum tubes such as KT88 or EL34, which typically run at 450V plate voltage, high voltage power tubes such as 845, 805 and 211 run at plate voltage 900V or even higher depending on your amp design. Due to the high voltage in the circuit, biasing an 845 / 805 or 211 amp improperly may expose you to lethal high voltage causing instant death. If you haven’t owned any tube before, we recommend you not to start with a 845 /805/211 tube amps until you get comfortable with maintaining a lower voltage tube amp such as EL34 / KT88 or 300B amps.

Always bias your amplifier by strictly following your amp manufacturer’s instructions. Do not bias the plate current over suggested reading (usually in mA) in any case. This will cause tube overheat, tube failure and burning out other parts inside your amp.
High voltage tube has maximum rating of plate heat dissipation (see specification link on each tube listing page). Do not run your amp at a plate current that could cause the tube plate turn red hot. When you start using a new tube, try it first in a room with dark light so that you can observe the plate color closely. If the plate turns red hot, turn down your amp bias immediately until the plate no longer show overheat symptom. Bias the two channel’s plate current readings to the same safe level for both. It’s not recommended to have two channels biased at different level.

Plate heat dissipation (measured in watts) = plate voltage (in Volt) x plate current (in mA) / 1000
For example, if a tube amp has plate voltage of 960V on the 845 tube by design, and the 845 tube has max plate heat dissipation rating of 75w, your maximum plate current bias reading should be 78mA. If the amp has plate voltage of 910V by design, your maximum plate current bias reading should be 82mA. It is not recommended run a tube constantly at its peak rating so ideally you should set your plate current bias at about 10% below the maximum. This will prolong your tube life and ensure a safe and long term enjoyment of your amp.

Although each tube amp has its designed plate voltage for tubes at a fixed input power voltage, a variation of more than 5% of your input power voltage will cause the plate voltage for tubes vary greatly (for example, swing from designed 910V to 950V or even higher). In such a case, your tube could be overheated and fail in a very short time. It’s strongly recommended to use a power conditioner properly designed for audio with your tube amp to reduce the possibility of such an accident and financial loss.

An excellent tube amp design along with poor selection of parts and poor production quality control could also cause your amp to overheat a tube and cause it fail prematurely. Always choose amplifiers made properly for your local voltage from a reputable reseller. In the past, we have seen many after-market modified Chinese tube amps which have been sold into North America with main transformers not designed for the right voltage, and cause not only inferior performance, but also tube failure or burning up components.

Last but not least, never leave your tube amp unattended for extended period of time. Never leave a 845/805/211 high voltage tube amp on without anyone in the room.

Due to the complicated feature of a tube amp’s design and user’s settings and maintenance vary greatly, tube manufacturer only warrant a vacuum tube for 30 days. If a tube has inherent manufacturer defect, it will show in the first 30 days of normal use and it will be covered by warranty. Improper usage including using in an amp not suitable for the tube or set bias too high or too low, input power spikes etc will result in tube failure prematurely – such incidence will not be covered by tube manufacturer’s warranty.

T-Classic Grade is the High performance-to-price ratio tubes of brand T series PSVANE.

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