G&W TW-03D pure power filter socket for hifi audio brand new

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G&W TW-03D pure power filter socket for hifi audio
100% Brand New


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.



Rated input: 110V-240V/50Hz
The highest voltage: 270V/50Hz
Operating Current: ≤ 15A
outlet: 4 US outlet, and 4 universal outlet. (2 outlet of them don't pass the filter)
Dimension: 380 x 120 x 80 mm
Net weight: 2.5kg
Gross Weight: 3.3kg
Packing: square boxes, one containing the host, a power cable, a manual


01 imported "goods"-shaped four-purpose socket, imported American standard socket 4.

02 brand imported RIFA polypropylene capacitor, Sweden and Japan FDKΦ25 diameter inductive coil.

03 imported power switch, power outlet, factory produced 609 military 4N oxygen-free copper single core copper wire.

Suitable for:

01 audio playback, recording power supply system and AV, DVD Image playback, video power supply system.

02 advanced measuring instruments, meters and other precision equipment, and computer power systems.

Filter function:

01 more than 1KHz AC power filter noise and interference.

02 In addition to lightning, storm, launching starter, switches, lights, fluorescent lights flicker, turning washing machines, refrigerators and computers start to run into the power grid and other string noise interference.

03 anti-lightning protection.

Filtering effect:

01 reduce the background noise, sound system, background playback so quiet, clear and transparent sound.

02 filter in the snow or reduce TV interference, make the image clearer, more realistic colors.

03 to improve the sound system of sound field width and depth, so that knot like edge enhancement, more accurate positioning.

04 music and rich details to clear outline of a sense of bass increase, restore a more authentic. Hinder the sound system because the noise signal picked up on the tiny, transmission and amplification.

05 effects and Japan Furukawa PRO.168 purifier quite, but the price is only power purifier Furukawa PRO.168 one-tenth of the price, quality 100% guaranteed.

06. Purifier maximum working voltage AC270V (50Hz), more than the peak voltage value is limiting consumption. Purifier maximum operating current 15A (220V), with load power is 3300W. Current exceeds 15A purifier automatically cut off power to protect, according to the "Reset" button before re-power.

Note: The purifier must be plugged with a zero line, phase line (also known as FireWire), ground socket, it has a significant filtering effect. If the wall outlet without a ground wire, connected after the filter effect will decrease. Must Φ5-Φ10mm the wire lead from the ground 2 meters deep underground into the socket before.

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