Paiyon Z3 Hifi Passive Bookshelf 5 Inch Audiophile Speakers Pair

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Paiyon Z3 Hifi Passive Bookshelf 5 Inch Audiophile Speakers Pair
100% Brand New

This price is for a pair of HiFi audio Loudspeaker. (Not include the pins for the speakers)


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


PAIYON Z3 Performance of tone:
PAIYON Z3 is Paiyang 20th anniversary development of a 5-inch bookshelf speaker, named "Z3" is also to thank fans for more than 20 years of support and love for Paiyang, in order to "pay tribute to fans"!
PAIYON Z3 is in the performance of vocals and strings, the voice is transparent, sweet, can let people immerse in the singing atmosphere for a long time. In terms of violin, violin concerto, piano, piano concerto, etc., the Z3 is very complete for the sound field and the musical instrument timbre display, which is very smart and infectious. While listening, you can also feel bursts of deep bass, thanks to the low frequency attenuation factor of the closed box; At the same time because the box is the characteristics of the board. In large dynamics, the box has an expansion characteristic, which makes the air stiffness in the box not too high, but also allows the subwoofer to get a larger amplitude and better low-frequency output.
Brand Model: PAIYON Z3 Bookshelf Speaker
Speaker Type: Passive Two-way Bookshelf Speaker
Tweeter:19 mm hardened aluminum hemisphere treble
Woofer: 5.25 inch modified polypropylene polymer diaphragm bass unit
Crossover point: 3.5kHz
Rated power: 65W peak power: 120W
Sensitivity: 83dB
Frequency response:75~22000Hz
Suggested driving power: 50w(more than 10W for tube amplifiers; more than 50W for tvacuum tube amplifier)
Net weight: 11 kg/pair
Weight after packing: 12 kg
Overall dimensions: (W×D×H/cm) of speaker:(190 × 215 × 306)mm x 2pcs (with mask and terminal)
Packing size: length 510mm x width 305mm x height 430mm


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