PAIYON P6 passive bookshelf speaker VIFA driver loudspeaker HI-FI audio Pair

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PAIYON P6 passive bookshelf speaker vifa loudspeaker HI-FI audio loudspeaker pair
100% Brand New

This price is for a pair of HiFi audio Loudspeaker.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Features: <
Original imported treble
The high-pitched sound of P6 is the 25-filament sound of the NE family of iron-and-boron magnetic system. It is also a heat-dissipating structure design of cast aluminum.
The high frequency is fine and the extension performance is good. There are two special plastic bars on the top of the silk film. Don't underestimate the two plastic wires. It is not designed for aesthetics. It can not only protect the sound film, but also To the extent that it can absorb and smooth out high frequency glitch,
Play a finishing touch.
The Micro Met is a small speaker system from the Swiss audio manufacturer Go I dmund. The high quality sound is used.
Vifa flagship bass
TYMPHANYVIFA NE series high quality speaker
The surface of the bass cone is mixed with natural wood fiber. This special wood fiber can improve the linearity of the cone during large dynamic operation, reduce the distortion of the cone, the elastic structure of the basin frame and the position of the speaker at large amplitude. The symmetry is very good,
When Mr. NCMadsen founded the vifa brand in 1933, he could not imagine that his brand merged into the TYMPHANY collection when he entered the 21st century, creating another unconventional NE series, also known as NEWVIFA. The famous Shiba has this series of speakers, Italy Eventus Audio (Italian Emperor) is also using this series to build his io series of high-priced speakers.
The NE149W is a very bright 5.25-inch mid-woofer unit in this series. The unit is small, but has a nearly exaggerated and solid structure. The voice coil stroke is 1.5 inches or more. The high-grade NdFeB magnetic system is integrally cast aluminum alloy. The five-jaw basin frame is tightly hugged. This structure not only constitutes the stable structure of the entire unit, but also shoulders the task of the heat dissipation system. The shape of the cast aluminum frame and the thickness of the pillars are all properly tested and designed to reduce the reflection of sound waves and even improve the smoothness of the airflow behind the cones, making the cones smoother. The unit sounds more accurately and quickly!
A qualified speaker is not only excellent, but the cabinet and the crossover are equally important. Although the P6 cabinet is a 5-inch bookshelf speaker, in order to fully utilize the low distortion characteristics of the speaker during large dynamics, in order to further reduce the resonance of the cabinet. The design of the box is greatly increased by the interference. The design is made of MA-grade imported high-density material with a thickness of 25rmi. The inner rib is also cut by 25_thick sheet. The external hand-applied ebony Technology veneer, high-end can be described as a luxury. The reason why such a luxurious cabinet design is completely considered is that the heavy energy release of the NE series monomer is very strong. In order to fully guarantee the complete release of the frequency of the ampere, it is guaranteed that the resonance of the microphone is not allowed to be integrated into the horn frequency. In the middle, it ensures the integrity of the overall sound quality in the state of the sea!
The wire is made up of 4 squares plus a total of 8 square meters, 4 pieces of 2 single crystal silver, single crystal copper and multiple strands of copper. This combination makes your system sound very natural and beautiful!
The crossover is the heart of the speaker, and it is responsible for the distribution of the full-range signal. It is also a reflection of whether the speaker designer can grasp the performance of the speaker. The speaker has nearly 10 years in the design of the crossover. Tune your experience and learn from it. The P6's crossover is designed at the cost. The inductor used is precision wound with 7N oxygen-free copper wire. It is precisely matched to the three digits after the decimal point. The length of the coil copper wire is accurate to the 亳 meter level. The high-pitched capacitor is famous. ERSE's MPX series crossovers are dedicated and precision matched, high-frequency analysis is exquisite and delicate. The bass capacitors use our specially-customized MPT-level high-precision frequency divider dedicated capacitors. The energy is dynamic and abundant. The 10W custom-grade ceramic copper foot precision resistors ensure the suffocation. Rated transmission, 2mm thickness FR4 circuit board is complemented by ultra-thick copper and double-line crossover design. The huge crossover (up to 1.5 kg) design can't be assembled from the box horn opening by the traditional installation method. It can only be pre-tested and paired at the cost, and put into the interior when the box is produced. If you say that ?? Backwaters is a battle, it’s better to say that it’s a design that’s dying. It’s obvious that this is not the bulk of the most production models. This practice is limited to custom and limited editions.

Model: Paiyon p6
Frequency response: 55~25000hz
Rated power: 60W (RMS)
Sensitivity: 86dB (1W/1M)
Rated impedance: 8 ohms
Net weight: 8kg/16kg (single/pair)
Gross weight: 18kg (pair)
Product Size:
38cm*31.5cm (including mask and terminal block)*18cm

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