PAIYON P4F floor standing speakers 2.0 vifa speakers audiophile home theater

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PAIYON P4F floor standing speakers 2.0 vifa speakers audiophile home theater
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This price is for a pair of HiFi audio Speakers.


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1. The single basin frame is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy in one-time casting. The steel is extremely strong, and the heat dissipation efficiency is away. It means that the smashing will not be deformed. It is really a bit of jade and not the meaning of the tile. The special Nomex paper vibration Membrane, this material has good damping of the diaphragm and light weight. It is very helpful for the smooth and delicate restoration of the sound. The distortion is very small, the transient response is very ideal, and it will not drag the water, especially with a very reasonable magnetic circuit design. Maintains polar distortion in the linear operating range
2. The P4F maintains the same style as the P4 and expands the playback frequency domain. The P4F uses a larger volume of the landing cabinet. It further expands the low-frequency dive, and at the same time, to ensure the efficiency of the box, the position and specifications of the depth guiding tube of the box are also modified. The size ratio of the box is redesigned and the guiding tube can be larger. The power, the range suppresses the amplitude of the speaker at low frequencies, effectively reduces the distortion when playing music in large dynamics, and has a larger combination of the size of the panel panel, and the diffraction effect of the P4F in the mid-high frequency region is also slightly reduced. Its high frequency performance is slightly improved compared to P4.

Product parameters:
Model: PAIYON p4f
Sensitivity: 88db
Power: 20-125 watts
Impedance: 8 ohms
Treble unit: VIFA custom 1 inch silk film treble;
Woofer: VIFA custom 6.5 inch Nomex special loose paper cone aluminum magnesium alloy basin frame bass
Crossover point: 2.7K
Cabinet type: passive two-way two-class front reverse bookshelf speaker
Harmonic distortion: <0.6% (200 - 20KHZ)
Frequency response: 38hz~22khz
Net weight: about 40 kg / pair
Gross weight: 50 kg
Shape: 935mm high x 280mm deep x 210mm wide
Packing size: 1035mm x 370mm x 335m
Packing type: double-layer thick cardboard box, 40mm thickness of pearl cotton protection angle, long-distance transportation is very safe

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