PAIYON A201 1Hi-Fi multi-functional integrated amplifier audiophile amp

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PAIYON A201 Hi-Fi multi-functional integrated amplifier audiophile amp with remore control
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1. High-definition decoding, PCM/DSD lossless decoding, high-fidelity restoration
A201 adopts USB high-definition interface of XMOS company and ES9028Q2M decoding solution of ESS company, and Bluetooth 5.0 apt-X lossless solution. It is no exaggeration to say that this digital decoding part is not lost to other 1000 yuan level decoders.

2. The dedicated motor potentiometer is full of sound and rich in details
In order to ensure the sound resistance of the sound, a dedicated volume motor potentiometer was specially customized to ALPS at all costs. The commendable pre-stage part of this machine is the essence of this machine's sound. It has independently developed a pure class A JFET input pre-stage circuit with independent intellectual property rights, and the sound details are rich!

3.150W audio power tube strong power reserve
Each channel has 3 pairs of ON ON Semiconductor (single tube 150W) high-power audio dedicated power tube (dual track total 6 pairs 12), the power reserve has reached an amazing 450W/channel. Our requirement is for A201 to have a sufficiently low output impedance and a high output damping coefficient to easily control large dynamics. It is very appropriate to call him a "small steel gun"!

4.487VA audio special ring cow, 15cm winding ring cow, sufficient power, high stability
A201 uses Igor customized high-purity oxygen-free copper 487VA audio ring, customized iron core, pure copper wire, and customized silicon steel sheet shielding tape to prevent electromagnetic radiation. Provide continuous high-quality power supply for the whole machine.

Technical Information

Product Brand: PAIYON Audio
Amplifier type: multifunctional combined power amplifier
Output power: 80W+80W/8Ω,
120W+ 120W/4Ω,
Total harmonic distortion: (20Hz~20KHz, 8Ω): ≤0.02%
Output impedance: 4~8Ω

Preamp section
Input impedance: 50KΩ
Frequency response: +0/-3dB, 10Hz~ 50KHz
Signal to noise ratio:> 100dB "A weighting"

Maximum power consumption: 500W (at maximum load)
Packing size: width 537mm X depth 478mm X height 171mm
Net weight: 11.5kg
Gross weight: 14kg

Port input
Coaxial X1
Fiber X1
Bluetooth x1
Analog input X2

USB part
PCM: 16~32Bit 384K (must use ASIO driver)
DSD: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 (native DSD)

Note: USB needs to install driver support

Coaxial, optical fiber
PCM: 44.1~192K
DSD: DOP64 (DSD64)
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 solution, support AAC, APTX, APTX-LL, etc.

Product List
1.A201 integrated amplifier
2.Power CAble
3. Remote control
4. Antenna
5. Battery
6. Manual
7. Warranty card
8. Certificate of conformity

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