Opera Cyber-100 15th Class A Integrated amplifier Hi-Fi vacuum tube amp KT88x4

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Opera Consonanc Cyber-100 15th Class A Integrated amplifier Hi-Fi vacuum tube amp KT88x4 Stereo
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If Opera Audio has provided a coherent design concept and equipment special commemorative line, it will be the 15-year-old M100 series push-pull integrated amplifier. Opera Audio has concentrated its philosophical highly over-specified large-scale output transformer and is completely hand-wound at the factory. These transformers are actually an output transformer with an asymmetric configuration. Power The pentodes KT88 6550, like the 6CA7, KT77 and EL34, are configured as functions that sound like single-ended transistors have the advantage of greatly increasing the output.
The 5th Anniversary Amplifier, which will fully comply with the push-pull electrical power amplifier, should sound a special concept.
The Cyber100 15th Anniversary Edition is the pursuit of sound purity and affordable power amplifiers that may be able to multiply naturally. This amplifier has a superb and fascinating mid-end, operatic audio that has always struggled for it, and possesses the entire spectrum, with an exceptionally smooth balance that provides a deeper harmonic balance of live music. The previous network 100 signature appearance has been modified with aluminum top cages, walnut wood decks and a 15th anniversary logo.
Self-biasing KT88 / 6550 Engineering Class A UL operation with well-designed NOS 5687 drive phase and time – proven rectifier circuit consisting of 5AR4 EH rectifiers and Philips electrolytic capacitors (audio). For better audio clarity, even for Germany to switch, choose each component carefully selected. All KT88/6550s are not triodes, but if properly applied in 35 push-pull watt output circuits, they can exhibit surprisingly good linearity, stable performance, and close to real things.

Circuit Type Class A, push-pull amplifier
Power Output:35 watt, RMS 1kHz
Input Sensitivity:220mV
Noise and Hum:-90 dB below full output
Frequency Response:(-3dB points at 10 watt) 6Hz-50kHz
Tubes:1 ea - ECC83 Input
2 ea - 12BH7 Driver
2 ea - 5AR4 Rectifier
4 ea - KT88/ 6550 Output
Resistors:1% Metal Film
Input Impedance:100k ohms
Output Impedance:4 , 8 ohms. User selectable
Output Interfaces:1 groups (RCA)
Input Interfaces:5 groups (RCA) 1,2,3,4,5
Overall Negative Feedback:Little (-6dB)
Warm-Up Time:3 Minutes
Dimensions:430 (L) x 380 (W) x 190(H) mm
Weight:25kg (packed)

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