Consonance D-Linear15 Power clean filter Socket Process System

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Opera D-Linear15 Power Processing System hifi amplifier
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a) D-linear15 is the first power processing system and it has three power supply channels: digital devices, analog front-end equipment and power amplifiers.Compared with the conventional power processor , it is more targeted.For the digital device and an analog front end ,it is mainly to eliminate crosstalk isolation frequency interference. For the supply of the power amplifier is mainly provided complete inhibition of DC and low internal resistance of the current supply ,and users do not worry about the use of home and damping decrease dynamic compression.
b) Security : Overcurrent protection, equipment malfunction when the load flow, timely power protection, to avoid failures from spreading; Overvoltage protection, when the grid voltage abnormally elevated ( eg zero line off, distribution errors, etc.),the time off , protective equipment; Surge protection, there is a surge when the grid ( such as large equipment off-grid , high-voltage discharge , etc.), protection devices; Lightning protection.
c) Power quality improvement : Common mode interference suppression , suppression of fire, ground zero line exists between phase with high frequency interference; Differential mode interference suppression , suppression FireWire zero line exists between the high-frequency interference; Phase correction between the neutral line of fire suppressing the DC component.
d) It is connected in parallel to the grid, the resistance is 0, AC first passes through the active DC suppression circuit, there is no compressed output to the power amplifier; then treated AC no DC component, and then through the internal isolation transformers, high efficient filter frequency interference, to ensure maximum efficiency, the supply of digital and analog front-end device isolation transformer.

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