Muzishare R100 300B 805 Single-ended Class A Integrated Amplifier & power &Phono

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>Muzishare R100 300B 805 Single-ended Class A Integrated Amplifier & power Amp &Phono amplifier
100% Brand new

MUZISHARE R100 upgraded version 2021,
1. The front tube 12AX7 is replaced by Czech JJ ECC83, 6SN7 is replaced by Russian EH 6SN7, and the other 5 large tubes are specially customized black core carbon spray screens, of which 300B is a customized re-engraved western power tube.
2. The internal circuit Optimized and upgraded the choke to a fully shielded, Z11 iron core single crystal copper choke。
3. Add infrared remote control function

MUZISHARE R100 is an integrated Amplifier.
This is a Power Amplifier too (there is a group pre-amp input).
This is an amplifier for MM Phono player too, direct link your phono player to this amplifier to output to speakers.
It come with a tube cage cover.



MUZISHARE R100 300B 805 Vacuum tube amplifier

Core technology development:

1. The shape design is full of science and technology, outstanding, and the harmonious integration of technology and classical beauty.
2. Independent research and development of dual power transformers. Independent filament design HIFI. You Zhigao pursues a model, high-voltage power supply and filament power supply independently use two imported Z11 iron core high-efficiency power transformer, output transformer adopts two imported Z1 1 iron core wide-band EI single-ended output transformer, core winding weaving technology, tone color Better resolution, frequency bandwidth, full sound field, fine tone, loose and tough, full of energy.
3. All components in the machine are imported parts, using 12 1500UF Japanese NICHICON high-capacity high-pass filter capacitors and 4 German special customized 2200UF silver film audio coupling capacitors. Featured 1% copper foot five-color ring high quality resistor, independent star grounding technology, pure tone, clean and shiny bottom.
4. Start high voltage delay and silent delay circuit design; 5U4 pre-stage vacuum tube rectification, equalize the life of the tube, rich in bile; the front stage uses two 12AX7 and 6SN7 vacuum tubes, and the push part uses two 300B tubes to directly splicing Level, the tone is full and delicate, the analysis is good, the balance, the contour lines are clear, the dynamic is full, and the atmosphere is open.
5. Special American standard true balance audio input;
6. Excellent MM Phono stage circuit, MM Phono stage singing performance is not lower than the independent external singing quality.
7. Japan high-precision level current dual-use meter, original high-resistance and low-resistance hand-swing pendulum circuit design;
8. Power tube bias current regulation Bias Adj, humming adjustment Hum Bal., more professional and more fever.
9. Tube soldering positioning technology, reducing the failure rate by 99%.


1. Handmade, the main circuit is scaffolded.
2. Two EI-type single-ended output transformers with high-grade special technology and high-quality broadband response and high quality made by Z11 core.
3. High-voltage power supply and filament power supply independently use two high-power power transformers with Z11 iron core and special materials.
4. The front stage uses two 12AX7 and 6SN7 vacuum tubes; the push part uses two 300B tubes to directly splicing to the latter stage. The tone is full and delicate, the analysis is good, the dynamic is abundant, and the atmosphere is open.
5. The latter stage uses two 805 vacuum tubes for Class A single-ended power amplification.
6, six groups of signal input (PHONO, LINE1, LINE2, LINE3, BAL ANCE, PRE IN); this machine has added a balanced input function and pure post-level function.
7, boot high voltage delay and mute delay function (about 30 seconds).
8, select Japan AL PS high-end potentiometer.
9. Easy-to-install plug-in vacuum tube protection cover.
10. Peripheral power tube bias current adjustment function and power output level meter sensitivity selection file.
11, soft, pure and smooth, suitable for all kinds of music

Technical Parameters:
Rated output power: 50W+ 50W(RMS)
Harmonic distortion: 1% (1kHz)
The whole machine frequency response: 15Hz~35kHz (-1.5dB)
Input sensitivity: 240mV; pure power amp: 1000mV
Input impedance: 100 kohms
Output impedance: 4 kohms, 8 kohms, 16 kohms
Signal to noise ratio: 92dB
Output balance: <1dB
MM input impedance: 51 kohms
MM voltage gain (1KHz): 40dB
MM RIAA bandwidth: 0.25dB (20Hz to 20KHz)
Net weight: 42kg
Gross weight: 48kg
Power consumption: 450W
Use vacuum tube: 12AX7x2, 6SN7x2, 5U4G x 1, 300Bx2, 805x2
Volume (WxDxH): (430x435x265) mm
Power supply voltage: AC 230V (+- 5%) / AC 115V (+- 5%) (50Hz/60Hz)
Working Temperature: 0°C to 40°C, Humidity: 20%~80%
Storage temperature: -20 °C to 70 °C, humidity: 20% to 90%

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