Master SPM-10 classic Bookshelf Speakers HiFi audio tube amp Loudspeaker pair

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Master SPM-10 classic Bookshelf Speakers HiFi audio tube amp Loudspeaker pair
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This price is for a pair of HI-FI audio speakers.


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Master is one of the earliest manufacturers that have developed and produced high-end loudspeakers in China. After more than ten years of development, "beauty
The Voice of Engineers have continuously absorbed the production experience of imported Hi-end audio equipment and delved into their advanced technologies.
Production technology, and then through their own digestion and innovation of technology, the current company has successfully developed the monitor series, battle
God series, studio series, focus series, poetry series and other "national" Hi-Fi speaker products, vast products
The family group is the best testimony of the strength of “The Voice of America”, and there are many speaker products for its excellent performance.
The price ratio has repeatedly attracted various domestic awards and is eye-catching. Now on the test equipment, the voice of the United States not only has the US LAUD computer analysis test system, but also has established a set.
The world's classic Danish B&K electroacoustic test system, all of which are used by VOA to develop more high-end sound systems.

Strong backing. Ever since, we have found that "The Voice of America" ??company has made persistent efforts in recent years and launched the new SPM series.
Sounder, “SPM” is an abbreviation for Super Professional Monitor, meaning super professional monitor speakers, including two floor box SPM-20, SPM-30, and a
Bookshelf SPM-10 Bookshelf. "The Voice of America" ??company is so refreshing that the entire SPM series loudspeakers are sent to the magazine's listening room in one go. The silver panel adds
The dark red veneer case makes the beautiful sound SPM series loudspeakers stand out in other speakers in the listening room. Because the SPM-10 bookshelf is the protagonist of this article,
Therefore I am also very concerned about it.

The compact SPM-10 bookshelf is designed with a 2-unit 2-channel design. As a new series of speakers, the SPM-10 bookshelf "new" is "new" in its speaker unit design.
Compared with the previous one, there is a big difference. The SPM-10's tweeter uses a new patented technology called "Eight Star Magnetic Circuit Technology", the so-called "Eight Star Magnetic Circuit", which is the best for eight high-strength NdFeB magnets. The volume ratio is symmetrically arranged to constitute a magnetic circuit, its magnetic field strength is ten times that of ordinary ferrite magnets, and its heat dissipation effect
It will be more superior. On the outside of the tweeter, a layer of hollow pentagonal star-shaped wool felt about 10 mm thick is exposed, revealing only the entire dome diaphragm and a small number of panels. such
In addition to a certain decorative purpose, it can effectively eliminate high-frequency standing waves and make the SPM-10's mid-high frequency performance more refined. Because the hard surface near the diaphragm has acoustic waves
With reflection, the reflection wave and the direct wave generated by the diaphragm cause interference, and various types of distortion are formed. This layer of wool felt can destroy and attract most of the reflection. We hear
Is the pure sound from the diaphragm. In addition, the SPM-10's bass uses a 6.5-inch unit, 75mm aluminum flat wire voice coil, plus a spherical composite diffusion diaphragm, integrated aluminum
Gold stents make the midrange more dense and flexible.

The front baffle is made of 25-mm-thick MDF (medium-density fiberboard), and the rectangular walls are made of 18-mm-thick MDF. In addition, a 15-mm-thick cork board is nailed on the inner wall to increase the damping. Suppress tank vibration. The rear part of the box is a semi-oval shape with a silver matte finish. This elliptical part is actually made up of a number of wood strips made of MDF panels. The important thing is that the ends of the wood strips facing the inside of the box are made into a triangular tip, making the box
The inner surface of the body is no longer a smooth continuous surface, but forms a number of bumps, making the sound waves difficult in the box.
In order to form reflections, the possibility of resonance of the cabinet is further reduced. In order to reproduce every faint note, inside the SPM-10 box
The cable is all made of "Monster Cable" 6N advanced oxygen-free copper wire.
In front of the PM-10, there is a flat elliptical bass reflex opening. The overall size of the woofer is not too small. It completely covers the entire frequency range from mid-high to low-frequency, and its low-frequency range. The amount is not small, although its extension is still limited by the bookshelf box, but within the frequency response of the "pop music", it has quite competent interpretation. With a loud pop playing music, SPM-10's low frequencies are fleshy.
Just like the feeling of clenching a fist on the palm of your hand, it is strong and rich in volume, reflecting the speed and flexibility. In the combination of the Acoustic CD-10 player and the A- 10MK "Choice Stone Mix" design, the overall personality of the SPM-10 is lively but not aggressive. The lines of the voice are soft, not One-hundred percent responded to the "mirror mirror", but with a mellow feeling. The mid-frequency band is obviously rich and full-bodied.
However, it is not a full-blooded scene. Simply put, it is a slightly fleshly standard figure.

The sound field of the SPM-10 is very broad, and it is fully extended to the outside of the speaker. The depth of the sound field contrasts with the excellent performance of the sound field width of the SPM-10.
Personally, this may be due to the SPM-10's standard of listening to speakers in the past. They often use "near-field listening" as a design consideration. Take the normal "17th position"
It can be seen that the sound field width clearly exceeds its depth, and the sound scene is very large, although the depth of the SPM-10 sound field is not as good as the width, but the front of the instrument in the sound field is arranged
After the leveling can still be clearly resolved. Listening to the stringed tracks, SPM-10 easily laid a fine layer of string on the strings to make the movement of the notes smoother, especially for high-frequency reproduction.
Such as the performance, so that classical music and pop music sound more natural, there is no impetuosity phenomenon. Listening to Mute, who shares her beauty with the piano, it's always so
People are pleasing to the eye. It is also appropriate to listen to the music she played with the Voice of Beauty SPM-10. The slender strings leaped lightly on the violin and revealed a touch of faintness.
The scent of wood and the form of the sound of the piano are not exaggerated, and the details of the faint treble are vivid. Next, I replaced the cello sonor played by Ma Youyou.
The song came to listen, the cello's unique low-frequency piano resonance rumbling, the vicissitudes of the strings of the vicissitudes of the strings, and the beautiful sound of the SPM-10 high frequency.
The color is better than its bass band, but the angular middle and low frequency bands also make the SPM-10 have a charming flavor. I heard the sound of SPM-10 being faithful.
However, it is not gorgeous, it can reflect the sound of the sound as it is, I think this should be the most favorite of SPM-10.

Brand: Master
Model: SPM-10
color: black
Speaker type: front
Power: Recommended power 30 - 300w
Impedance: Rated impedance 6Ω
Sensitivity: Sensitivity 90db
Material: wooden speaker
Structure: Inverted
Interface type: S/PDI input
Origin: Zhuhai, China

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