Master Monitor one bookshelf Speakers Upgrade edition MK2 pair

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Master Monitor one bookshelf Speakers loudspeaker Upgrade edition MK2 a pair
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Master audio Master Monitor one Speakers Upgrade edition MK2 Speakers

Master Monitor one sound at the end of a relaxed, natural, smooth, the overall performance of the balance is good, very fit human auditory habits. Outstanding performance in low frequency, compared with the same caliber Bookshelf clear winner, a fast and accurate low-frequency, since then, the case closed on the land. Neat and tidy. No clear-cut. IF it has a sweetness to please people comfortable sounds nice, long time no hear tired, the kind of high frequency are not brilliant, but a hint of warm light in the sunlight, giving their fair share of satisfaction. Master Monitor one box is very explosive, dynamic of the. Generally true for the Master Monitor one natural, smooth sweet! And this section is based on Master Monitor one based on an Upgrade edition MK2! Superior to the low sound on Master Monitor one box!

Independent integration of closed star point divider, Upgrade of the box, in addition to retaining the original Master Monitor one asphalt plates, the reinforcing plate to separate long and short way to install non-symmetrical, the effect is even better, to provide a listening class laid a solid foundation for sound, Upgrade triangular anti-standing-wave structure, combined with the porous reinforcement plate, to eliminate standing waves inside the cabinet, and provide good acoustic performance, improve midrange clarity. Upgrade tweeter T301S, low interference, high efficiency, low distortion patent treble. Upgrade of the woofer, N601S using the latest multi-component rubber edge, increased sensitivity than the original unit, low dive was deeper and more powerful. Features crossover with aluminum crossover box, and sealed with epoxy resin, to avoid the crossover vibration and electromagnetic interference caused by sound degradation.

Master audio Master Monitor one is down in the history of a Chinese audio speaker. Since its inception in 1994, sales has always been the speaker, in 1996, with some agents stereo shop once been, the subscriber could be overwhelmed, the factory sent a few of the speakers actually sold out within 24 hours, late approval to take the next step would have to wait goods, when the Master Monitor one is almost a myth. And now Master Monitor one (including Value pack) is still the kingpin dealer of many brands of audio, to prove that it was welcomed by enthusiasts, and its enduring vitality.

Back in the early 1990s, Master audio speaker boss Zhong Jianguang do import distribution agent, had a large scale, almost the majority of agents in China, high-profile audio brand. In these different countries and different brands of products, many imported speakers Chung found its uneven quality, the Chinese people can definitely produce high-quality speakers. In this idea shortly after germination, Master audio Master Monitor one was born. Master Monitor one after the release of a gun and red, a considerable part of the Master Monitor one twice as expensive than the imported speakers suddenly eclipsed and nobody cares, and thus the distribution of imported speakers types Chung greatly reduced, but ever since the advent of Master Monitor one Since China is still a classic audio products, this "decade has always been" the heyday of the system and always is one of the few products in foreign countries.

Review Master Monitor one's past, how deeply fans welcome that? First, it was a comprehensive performance of music. The same smoothness, wide sound field, sharp dynamics, accurate positioning and a clear end, like, is speaker of the few million less than the imports could be so exhaustive. Master Monitor one dynamic speaker of the few big players could be so exhaustive. Master Monitor one large dynamic music playback stability is generally difficult to go beyond the small speaker, "A Jiegu" bass drum in the Master Monitor one broadcast to show the great dynamic and impact force, the weak fine little speaker Play this song definitely shoot immediately, while the Master Monitor one big dare to take no slightest out of control. Master Monitor one clear transparent analysis of power and high-frequency and frequency to make it play all kinds of music there is a dynamic and vibrant, the taste of sound tend to listen, but still feel a certain carefully taste the sweet and
Flexibility, the advantages over the real price of peace is enough to make Master Monitor one to win the crowd's delight, for countless fever rush to buy Master Monitor one master suite self-made box, some dealers also made with the kit speakers and low-cost sales. However, all the speakers with no self-made packages to more than Master Monitor one can fully finished box, the sound is also close to those few, so it was doubt whether the quality module suite and finished boxes are not the same quality with the unit. I have used this issue to the original factory air box, with its original package and the internal wiring and assembly speaker damping material, assembled and finished speaker box was no slightest difference can be said that if those who can hear the difference , speaker manufacturers can rest paid employ its "golden ears" for the school speaker sound. Thus, Master Monitor one of the classic design is evident.

Master Monitor one Why Upgrade it? In fact, on the Master Monitor oneUpgrade has not happened today. Back in 1996, Master Monitor one Speakers Upgrade edition MK2 had been designed like boxes, and then log out in the audio magazines advertising. But why the delay unsolved withdraw products? During this time I asked Chung, Chung's answer is "not yet ripe." Upgrade edition MK2 was kind of out of the box and Upgrade edition MK2 today are not the same, in order to keep improving, keep Master Monitor one's image, care of this in good time. Master Monitor one although there are many advantages, but there are still a little dry mid, treble, slightly less than elegant. If the Master Monitor one frequency and then make some rich, sweet and high-frequency and then some, it not perfect? This Master audio lasted seven years Master Monitor one to Upgrade, now finally "long-awaited."

even more powerful! Master audio Master Monitor one Speakers Upgrade edition MK2 Speakers

Unit Upgrade

Master Monitor one Speakers Upgrade edition MK2 sent to Articles audition room, I remove the unit watch, first, Upgrade edition MK2 used N601S cast aluminum woofer cone frame to replace the original N601 of metal frames, tweeter T301S also used aluminum panels, thermal vibration of this guide better than iron aluminum, can be more effective to vent out the mechanical resonance, so that holders of more excellent frequency response. Manufacturers to introduce N601S bass I hope that with the latest multi-component rubber fold ring, I used by pressing the diaphragm, found along the nature of improved over the original N601, which will undoubtedly reduce the frequency and harmonic sensitivity, frequency response while also the change.

In addition, N601S unit voice coil winding width has been increased, five? Condemned the fear of bandits rose salt Thrush disk read command does not shrink from persimmon Mi suffering from pocket carry card read mode Norwegian wash pan Du thumb base knock through capsule carboxyl ditch push  Mu Di Meng Xuan Ω hissing like pay vector  fold and 8-han, animal husbandry, animal husbandry, throw a little blowing lance poop? 86dB improved to 87dB, while the low-frequency limit is increased from 53Hz down to 45Hz. T301S tweeter also made a big change. The flat voice coil former T301 hexagonal copper clad aluminum wire to wire, coil height moderately increased, a new generation of diaphragm coated with more damping rubber, so that more excellent high frequency characteristics. New T301S treble up to 22kHz (-3dB).

Cabinet Upgrade

Upgrade edition MK2 no changes to the box shape, but inside there is a greater change, but old Master Monitor one of the cavity is a simple rectangular empty box, up and down and side panels with damped with bitumen, a further is six-sided sound-absorbing foam, while the Upgrade edition MK2 internal board in maintaining the original pitch, sound-absorbing cotton adds support for the provision of silencer panels and triangular tip. Support plate is an irregular plate, fixed upper and lower left box in the board, before and after the voice box divided in two parts. As the support plate hole does not affect the sound of a larger movement, but effectively reinforced the cabinet, reducing the resonant tank is also beneficial to the diffusion inside the sound, so that only non-vibration design of speaker box more vibration-free box, the box is inside the wedge plate silencer plate is a relatively new design concept, which is equivalent to increasing the professional anechoic chamber side wall into the speaker as within, as if they had staggered duckbill type of wood box covered with a split backplane, wedge the size of the row-degree angle and density is based on the spread to absorb the sound frequency setting. It can pipe the excess above the tuning frequency sound radiation to a minimum, so that only the lead-phase low-frequency speaker is not only lower, but also has closed sound smoother low frequency characteristics.

Crossover Upgrade

Master Monitor one Speakers Upgrade edition MK2 terminals changed the original Master Monitor one of the plastic box, but as Tanner Contour1.3SE as terminal mounted on an aluminum plate, aluminum divider together with all installed in a closed speaker's rear panel, divider is sealed in a thick aluminum gold box, and then sealed with resin infusion, because this approach in order to reduce cabinet vibration and airflow inside the power divider circuit so that the distortion caused by , so that might give maintenance and replacement of the inconvenience, but do not worry that it never fails, so does not need repair and replacement. Upgrade edition MK2 new crossover network has been designed, low-pass filter is still the original -6dB/oct plus impedance compensation network, and high-pass filtering the original -12dB/oct to -18dB/oct. Increasing the high-pass frequency attenuation slope will make a more smooth calm, faster transient response.

Sound Upgrade

Original Master Monitor one's voice is less sharp than the weak, Upgrade of the consequences be? I will Upgrade edition MK2's Master Monitor one version of the old and the general Master Monitor one to do comparison, the voice of the original Master Monitor one orientation has not changed, still neutral, but significant thickening of the sound. Just a loud first impression is the low-frequency Upgrade edition MK2 taste quite the ATC, the original Master Monitor one that is somewhat similar to Dy-Naudio fresh and sharp voice became thick with sensuality.

Upgrade edition MK2 I think this may sound positioning boss Zhong Jianguang favor of ATC on the past, Mr. Chung and I chatted, Mr. clock always expressed his esteem for the ATC (ATC actually respected far more than Mr. Chung one person), ATC is also the agent of Mr. Chung from the previous culled many imported brands continue acting as a distributor of the brands, ATC always try his distribution of imported products have not let go of the sound love. However, the original Master Monitor one did not and discount on anything to do with ATC, sound and design are very different, in the original design Master Monitor one had asked when the Master audio ATC owner and designer Billy Woodman in their views, but Billy has not really ability out, and now Master audio, or by virtue of their wisdom and talents to design a better speaker.

Master Monitor one Speakers Upgrade edition MK2 Master Monitor one of the inadequacies of the past to be a fill added, and the sound is more rich and moving, listening for some time, I thought most worthy of praise Upgrade edition MK2 is its rich, full, while the IF analytical unabated, strong domineering and yet reflecting the rich detail and musical content, can be designed to produce such a quality speaker, the speaker in the history of the world is not out of thirty-five, in the play "Folk Song Tsai", the very current My impulse is only in the ATC and PMC in order to have the kind of speakers on such a very mournful pathos of the human voice, that is experienced and prudent vicissitudes of life, the warmth of young girls there, listening to Ruqirusu, Yu Yunyan cotton.

Upgrade after the tweeter from 20kHz to 22kHz, but I listen to Upgrade edition MK2 speakers High frequency not higher than the original, but more smooth and detailed. Listening to Sibelius Violin Concerto (Mu Luowa / Boston Symphony Orchestra / small translation levy Seoul), the Mu Luowa real relaxed sounds and the skill and intensity of bowing that I seem to see the shadow of Heifetz . Upgrade edition MK2Master Monitor one can put the child first broadcast was pure, violin stained, all the details of the performance of the head, especially the texture of the IF stronger and more luxurious. The old Master Monitor one in purity and laxity on the harmonic and slightly inferior. Upgrade after the Master Monitor one of the high frequency is not heavy weight, which is a common feature of many high-level sound. Need I heard many speakers and amplifier stage, after which summed up the high-frequency one thing in common is that they are moderate and the quality of feeling superior. The best frequency should be "no high-frequency", that is not feeling any particular frequency where is the treble treble itself, that is a natural human voice or musical instrument body. Upgrade edition MK2 is the high frequency is more real than the old nature, do not do extra lessons.

Speaker of the full-band coherence mark the maturity of speaker design and production and improvement of excellent speakers should be designed to be seamless from top to bottom, without any signs of convergence. At present, domestic and imported speakers speakers as the main gap is not as seamless import of speakers, so it must have sufficient technical strength, but also produce their own loudspeaker manufacturers are more likely to achieve overall consistency. Even in the import of many speakers, we also find that some poor convergence or high frequency sound inconsistencies. Master audio Master Monitor one is basically reached the consistency of the whole band, after seven years of practice, Master audio is technically more mature, and now the Upgrade edition MK2Master Monitor one re-design of the divider, the entire band is more consistency, the original Master Monitor one, the frequency between the "tooth pick" marks completely polished, the overall sound is more seamless, coherent. In addition to the crossover network design the ideal addition, Master audio production unit of their own design on the amiable and easy to implement a unified whole is one important reason.

frequency response: 53Hz-22kHz
impedance: 8 ohm
sensitivities: 87dB
Dimension: 232mm x 320mm x 430mm x 2pcs(W x D x H)
Net weight: 15kg *2 = 30kg (a pair)
Gross weight: 31 kg

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