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The design of Musheng's new flagship decoder MH-DA005 condenses Musheng's experience in the decoder field for more than 10 years, and the total development process lasted
one and a half years.
The original intention of DA005 was to make a DAC with higher sound, appearance and craftsmanship than DA004, not an optimized update of DA004. The different design goals have established the hierarchical gap between DA005 and DA004.
The decoder is part of the sound source in the sound system, and it can be said that it is extremely critical to grasp the lifeblood of the sound in the entire system.
A reasonable perception is that the sound source needs to be neutral and accurate, and z is close to the essence of the recording to the greatest extent, so that it can provide strong support for the faithful playback of the back-end system.
Therefore, the design and adjustment of DA005 also adhere to the characteristics of neutral and neutral. Thanks to the new circuit architecture design and the uncompromising selection of materials, 005’s sound texture, density, sound field, level, transparency, fineness, smoothness, detail, and micro-dynamics are all significantly improved compared to 004. Strictly speaking, it has surpassed several levels of improvement, showing a high level of acoustics and musicality, and has a comprehensive and true expression of various types of music. Especially for the improvement of the mid-range, it can be said that the ES9038 has a textured but not full and emotional sound characteristics.

1.Newly designed power supply system

The power supply in the audio system is extremely important. We designed an advanced power regeneration system for DA005, which is like two storage ponds. When one group releases water, the other group stores water, alternating cycles. Under the well-designed control logic, the storage and discharge are completely isolated and do not affect each other, so that the influence of the mains noise on the DAC main circuit can be avoided to a large extent. On the other hand, because the circuits powered by traditional iron core power transformers have poor load regulation, the sound dynamics are compressed and the density is insufficient. The new power system does not have this problem, which is quiet, abundant, and The high-quality energy supply DAC circuit can reproduce the most realistic sound.
In the DAC power supply circuit, we use a large number of industry-leading high-performance low-noise regulators from Linear Technology, Texas Instruments TI, etc., to ensure that each functional circuit has an independent secondary voltage regulator supply for each part of the circuit. Pure and quiet, sufficient energy. A total of 18 independent regulators are used. The power supply of the analog circuit is also very important. We have specially customized an O-type transformer. The primary and secondary windings are made of expensive single crystal copper silver-plated material. Due to the skin effect of alternating current, the current is basically from the silver layer on the surface. Flowing, compared with copper wire and oxygen-free copper wire transformers, the sound has an essential difference, which is quieter, purer, finer, and fuller, and the transient response is better (compared with the same conditions). In addition, it is sealed with a high-strength stainless steel shield, which can resist mechanical vibration and realize electric field shielding. The newly designed analog power circuit uses high-current, low-resistance power MOS as the regulator in the circuit structure, and twin discrete components form a voltage feedback control circuit to achieve extremely low output internal resistance and extremely low power supply noise. It can provide fast and abundant output response in the full frequency band where the analog output circuit works.

The rectifier diode uses a silicon carbide Schottky diode with no recovery time. The main filter capacitor uses Mundorf non-inductive electrolytic capacitors, and the output capacitor uses Audionote fast clear stepless capacitors with Mundorf Supreme capacitors for high-frequency compensation. The reverse recovery time of silicon carbide Schottky diodes is close to zero, the switching speed between on and off states is very fast, and there is no reverse recovery current when ordinary bipolar diodes enter the switch. In traditional silicon-based or germanium-based bipolar diodes in switching rectifier circuits, due to the existence of reverse recovery current, the gap between cut-off and conduction will generate very large pulse spikes, which directly interferes with the performance of the back-end circuit. As a result, the sound is rough and has burrs, while the silicon carbide diode is much more stable and smooth, and the texture and details of the sound are more prominent. In terms of cost, silicon carbide diodes are more than 10 times higher than ordinary Schottky diodes.

2. Analog output circuit

The analog output circuit of DA005 uses a newly designed fully discrete circuit. The advantage of discrete components is that you can choose a single transistor with excellent characteristics, and the sound is more comprehensive than an integrated operational amplifier. DA005 uses a large number of twin JFETs and twin transistors, and the accuracy of the circuit is higher. Balanced output and single-ended output have the same LPF low-pass filter circuit. DA005 all adopt small size, low temperature drift (not more than 5ppm), high precision (0.01%) non-inductive resistance, the sound is more vivid and fax.For single-ended output terminals, we use customized high-conductivity tellurium copper gold-plated RCA plugs, Teflon cores, and Duran gold-silver alloy wires for lead out.
High conductivity tellurium copper alloy, introducing its main excellent properties:
(1) It has high electrical conductivity. The electrical conductivity of tellurium copper alloy is 94%-98%, gold 65-75%, rhodium 35%, and high copper content brass 28%;
(2) It has high thermal conductivity. 22% more than pure silver, 28% more than copper;
(3) Good arc resistance.

In the analog circuit, there are two particularly important capacitors. We compared a variety of expensive copper foil, silver foil, gold and silver foil, oil immersion and other capacitors, and finally selected German GAD gold and silver foil capacitors, compared with GAD gold and silver. Foil capacitors and Mundorf's flagship gold and silver foil oil-immersed capacitors. GAD gold and silver foil capacitors have more solid internal materials (from the manufacturer's introduction), fuller full frequency, higher density, richer details, and stronger texture . The price of GAD gold and silver foil capacitors is also more expensive.

1. Decoding chip ES9038pro X 2 slices 1. Two-chip ES9038pro decoding method.
2. Input channels: USB, coaxial 1, coaxial 2, optical fiber, AES/EBU, I2S-E, I2S-H
3. Single-ended RCA output level 2Vrms; balanced XLR output level 4Vrms
4. Digital volume attenuation function, attenuation at 0.5dB intervals, which can be skipped
5. Optional digital filter mode and digital phase-locked loop DPLL can be set
6. The DSD channel exchange function that can be set, the de-emphasis function that can be turned on and off, and the Dop (DSD over PCM) receiving function that can be turned on and off.
7. USB supports PCM44~384K, DSD64~DSD512. I2S-E, I2S-H support PCM44~PCM384K, DSD64~DSD512, Dop64x, coaxial, optical fiber, AES/EBU support PCM44~PCM192K, Dop64
8. Full-featured remote control, with remote control standby function. The VFD display has multi-level brightness adjustable, and the screen can be automatically reset
9.Dynamic range:>136dB
10 Distortion: <0.0002%
11.Stereo separation>120dB
12. Frequency response 0~20KHz ±0.2dB
13.Rated power 25W
14. dimensions 430 * 350 * 78mm (width * height * depth), the height of the machine foot comprising
15. Machine net weight 9.0kg
16. Power supply voltage 100~120V or 200~240V optional

Remote control * 1
Manual * 1
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