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JungSon Amazing 6 Bookshelf Home Speakers one Pair
100% Brand New

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Product features:
Speaker model: JungSon Amazing 6
amazing 6 speaker sounds like its name,giving amazing feeling in an impact.It is mildly tender and beautiful,gorgeous smooth,thickness moderate.Like playing the violin string,it is enchanting scene,light and charming,and has a high sense of density,piano cavity resonance fully reflected.
If it was not your listening environment,and a soft spot for small bookshelf box,this amazing 6 worth noting.Through it,it reflects all the meticulous and charming aspects of music,enough to make people easily confused!
Thicker wood, to reduce resonance.It can effectively reduce the impact of cabinet resonance of the sound,so even large dynamic audio playback,but also to ensure a solid cabinet,the release of pure sound.

Product parameters:
System form: Two-way two-unit
Unit configuration: tweeter vifa XT25TG30-04 1 inch tweeter*1, 6.5 inch woofer*1
Frequency response: 35Hz~40KHz
Impedance: 4Ω
Sensitivity: 88dB
Recommended power: 20~100W
Dimensions: 250 * 350 * 410mm (W * D * H)
Net weight: 28.08kg/-pair
Gross weight: 34kg

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