JungSon Monitor pure copper NO.1 Power cable AU Australian plug

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JungSon Monitor pure copper power cable Australian plug for hifi audio
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The power cord diameter is 15mm, 250V/15A. Insulated from each other by the three cores of 6 × 20 shares (φ0.2mm) made ​​of copper twisted together, twist the right after the three-core outsourcing matt PVC. Conductor 5NOFC (that is, the amount of copper of high purity 99.999% oxygen-free copper), each core conductor cross-sectional area of ​​4mm2, insulation resistance ≥ 10KΩ / m, conductor resistance ≤ 3.7mΩ / m. Plugs and jacks are gold-plated non-magnetic conductor. Large conductor cross-section of high-quality high current can be accurately transmitted. Sound quality is a thick, full and broad..

Cable Length: 1.5m
Conductor Material: Copper

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