JungSon JA-1/JA-99C Class A balanced Preamp+Power Amplifier Ver.Standard 20th

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JungSon JA-1/JA-99C Class A HiFi Amplifiers 20th Anniversary Edition Standard Version
100% Brand New

The 115V/60Hz version is in stock, so, if you buy it now, we will send the goods to you in 24 hours.
Some users don't like the too bright Blue light on the VU meter of JA-99C, so, we add a switch to turn on/off the light.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


JungSon JA-1 / JA-99C 20th Anniversary Edition-Anonymous
In 2013, the 20th anniversary of the founding of JungSon Audio Technology Co., Ltd., in order to commemorate this historic moment, JungSon Audio introduced the JA-1 / JA-99C 20th anniversary commemorative version of the first-class power amplifier. JA-1 / JA-99C has been on the market for a long time and has been well received.
The 20th Anniversary Edition is fully upgraded on the basis of the original appearance, craftsmanship, circuit, and sound quality design, without compromise in all aspects, so that it can be seen, touched, and audible.
The shape of JA-1 / JA-99C 20th Anniversary Edition has been greatly revised. The front-end chassis is all aluminum brushed and anodized, while the Kanghua version adopts the special stainless steel panel of JungSon . The rear stage is the exposed structure of the radiator, which guarantees the heat dissipation performance and outlines the tough lines. The lake blue header adds a lot of vitality to the whole machine.
The JA-1 / JA-99C 20th Anniversary Edition uses a fully balanced transmission amplifier circuit, which is difficult in the production of amplifiers.
The circuit is entirely composed of discrete components.
In this way, a large dynamic range and an ideal signal-to-noise ratio can be obtained.
The distortion is small and the sound is good.
JungSon amplifiers basically have this kind of circuit structure, but they do the corresponding processing to the device according to the output.
In addition, for the JA-1 / JA-99C 20th Anniversary Edition, the power supply is very particular.
There are multiple groups of left and right channels in parallel and independent power supply.
The JA-1 pre amp uses 4 groups per channel, JA-99C uses two groups per channel, rigorous and high-cost power supply method to ensure crosstalk between left and right channels, improve separation, and lay a solid foundation for the reproduction of music details, JA-1 analog auxiliary There are 5 groups in total, 1 group is balanced, 4 groups are unbalanced, and the line outputs are 2 groups, balanced and unbalanced outputs each.
This machine adopts high-precision relay step-type volume control technology, which is different from the traditional carbon film potentiometer and volume integrated module control. It has the advantages of small step loss and no noise, which greatly improves stability.
JA-99C balanced, non-parallel input for each group, JA-1 / JA-99C uses excellent materials, diodes use fast recovery type,The power regulating tube adopts SAMKEN (C4883 / A1859), Philips audio triode, ELNA SILMIC audio coupling capacitors, etc. The energy source device is made of silicon steel sheet for audio. Each JA-1 left and right channel uses a 90VA EI power transformer. JA-99C uses a 900VAEI power transformer to provide the power of the whole machine. The power amplifier stage uses a total of 160,000uF capacitors as a filter for each channel.
6 Toshiba (C5200 / A1943) for 8 ohm 80W Class A output, easily control any large dynamic type of music, perfect interpretation.
The obvious advancement in sound understanding by JungSon amplifier designers is gaining attention. An example of the JA-1 / JA-99C 20th Anniversary Edition. The texture and permeability of high frequency, the density of intermediate frequency, the texture and energy of low frequency are quite good. Compared with previous amplifiers, it has a clear quality. Promotion. The JungSon amplifier emphasizes Class A design, warm and musical sound and expressiveness. In this amplifier, it has good performance and good control. The characteristics of the sound of this amplifier are warm tone, resolution, sound field and Good positioning and joy.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that there is a craftsman-style remote control with a black lead case and 4 buttons that are treated as the surface of the handle, which feels very good. The back cover of the remote control is attracted by two small powerful magnets, which will never fall off under inert conditions in normal use, and it is especially convenient when the battery needs to be replaced.

• Output power: 2X80W (Class A, RMS, 8Ω); 2*150W(Class A, RMS, 4Ω)
• Harmonic distortion: ≤0.05% (lKHz, lW)
• Signal to noise ratio:> 100dB (A-weighted)
• Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (± ldB)
• Output impedance: 4Ω - 8Ω
JA- 1 Pre amp: 430mmx375mmx100mm (LxWxH)
JA-99C Power amp: 430mmx500mmx180mm (LxWxH)
Net Weight: 7.8kg (JA- 1 Pre amp) 26kg (JA-99C Power amp)
Gross Weight : 11kg (JA- 1 Pre amp ) 32kg (JA-99C Power amp )
Power supply voltage: AC 220V to 240V , 220V version are in stock. (230V and 240V version need to take 7-30 business days to order)


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