JungSon Beauty Deity Speakers loudspeaker cable banana plug pair

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JungSon Beauty Deity Speakers loudspeakers cable banana plug pair 2.5m
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Sound characteristics:

1: listen to human voices, melodious classical music, Chinese folk music, "Bell God" better, even better, can be described as "Goddess Marriage." May be "bell of God" in a more consistent performance materials and tubes, have highlighted the frequency of it. It sounds more sweet, especially listening to Tsai Chin's songs. The performance of a variety of musical instruments of different texture was more accurate.
2: listen to the symphony, percussion frequency, low frequency played well, made ​​to make up the momentum.
Bell sound of God Speaker wire is characterized by high, medium and low frequency response is very balanced, neutral and there is a better clarity, thick sound at the end of run. When you use a speaker cable of God after the bell, you know what enthusiast wire.
Cable outer diameter: 14mm
Insulation Material: PE
Conductor Material: 5N OFC
Conductor wire cross-sectional area: 3.2 mm2
Technical parameters (m): R (m Ω) 2.67
Technical parameters (m): C (P) 321
Technical parameters (m):: L (μH) 1
Cable length: 2.5 m x2 (a pair)

All products are manufactured passed China national 3C and the International ISO9001:2000 authentication .

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