BoyuuRange A50 MKIII 300B Single-end Class A Tube Intergrated Amplifier Reisong

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What can I say but its a fantastic Amp. My first ever tube amp. I was worried that it may not get to me as I have never brought items from China as was worried that the Hi-fi shop was not first class, but I can tell you they are a very good Hi-Fi shop to deal with. The only downside is the length of time it takes to be ship to you in the UK Covid-19 has not help. So just order and wait its very well worth it.

Now the good points for the money I was lucky enough to buy before the price rise, but still worth buying. i have had it on the go for about one month now and boy what a sound, it was so good I needed to upgrade my speakers from Tannoy Mercury bookshelf speakers to fantastic sounding Bowers & Wilkins 607 S2 Anniversary Edition and QED XT40i speaker cable this has brought out the sound more of the A50.

That is the problem of this Amp (very nice problem) that you look closely at your Hi -Fi system how to improve the sound for the benefit of this fantastic Amp. Also don't be put off about placing tubes into their slots in the amp, easy to do just take your time roll the tube when you push it into the slot, plenty of you tube videos to help you.

I love Jazz and the sound from the tubes is a very warm natural sound, you do not need mega power from a amp to drive speakers. This amp is well built and weighs a ton, once you put it down on your rack its not going any where.
My friend is a tube nutter and he can not believe 300B amp can be brought at this price, the great thing about this amp you can do tube rolling for different sounds, this I'm looking forward to doing.

Just buy this Amp for a more natural sound a warm sound that only tubes can bring and a amp that only can get better and better with tube rolling. Great job China HI-FI so pleased I went and brought this amp. If you got cats buy a tube guard, you will need it lol. Will buy again from this company, just be prepared to wait a little time for delivery but worth it.
Thanks again China HI-FI.
Date Added: 02/24/2021 by Ia**We**s