Willsenton R800i 300B 805 tube Integrated Amplifier Single-end Class A Balanced

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I bought this Willsenton R-800i last Feb. 2022 instead of the Willsenton R8 on recommendation of Youtube.com reviewers from USA. (Thomas @Stereo and 2 others). While I did not hear the R8 (Thomas did both for his reviews the R-800i is everything Tom's review said it was-- a very good sounding tube amp. I find it easy on the ear for long listening sessions which is MOST important to me. I did have to change out the stock 300b's for new 4300B Guiguang tubes and also the stock 6sn7's for a pair of RCA 6sn7 GTB black latter plate d getter tubes however. These upgrades brought a very good sounding 300b amp with the stock tubes up to a very near perfect one in my view. So again a very rich , clear sounding tube amp with much fidelity and with no listening fatigue whatsoever.
Date Added: 08/25/2022 by jo** fl**n