Willsenton R300 PLUS Single-ended Integrated 300B tube amplifier& Power amp

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Okay, so I decided I wanted to hear a 300b tube single ended amp before I kick the bucket. I asked Mr. Lee what he recommended and this one of two options. I chose this one because of the photos of interior build quality but was slightly mor expensive. Holy crap, is this thing unreal. The sound is so lifelike, detailed and natural. I already own a Primaluna dialogue 2 that I run el34s and gold lion kt88...That amp was 5 k new I believe I paid, and this thing is smoking it right out of the box. Buy this amp immediately. The remote is kind of sucky, it doesn't always work, but i just get off my ass to adjust the volume, no big deal at all. The build quality and the knobs are unreal.
Date Added: 10/07/2020 by No** H**l