Willsenton R8 KT88/EL34 x4 Tube Integrated Amp Power Amplifier New

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For those of you who live in the States and are hesitant to order from China HiFi, don’t be. Mr Lee is great to work with and China HiFi is a wonderful company to do business with. He and I exchanged several emails and he always answered within a few hours. He was always courteous and friendly. As far as the company, I ordered my amp on July 1st with an expected delivery date of July 19th. (I live in the state of Iowa). I received it on July 10th, earlier than expected. It was triple boxed and well protected. Great communication and shipping!!!
Now as far as the amp goes. I am 70 years old and have owned several nice tube systems over the years (McIntosh, Dynaco, etc) and let me tell you the Willsenton R8, to my ears, sounds just as good or even better than the waaaay more expensive ones out there. Right out of the box, with the stock tubes only having about an hour of run time, the sound is rich and full. It will only get better as the tubes break in. I will eventually roll different tubes in. Thats the fun thing about tube amps. As far as build quality, it is superbly built. All hand built with point to point wiring the way amps should be built. Tube biasing is a breeze. On some of my previous amps, you had to get inside the chassis to get to the bias ports and hook up a volt meter to bias the tubes. With this just flip a switch on top, use the enclosed screwdriver, adjust the needle on the front of the amp until it is in the middle, and you are set. You cannot go wrong with this amp. It is SUPERB IN EVERY WAY!!!! A friend of mine who owns a Primluna was so impressed with the Willsenton that he is going to sell the Primaluna and order one of these. Btw, there is a company that sells this amp on an online company whose name reminds you a famous river. Even with shipping I was able to get it from Mr. Lee for $250.00 cheaper and two months faster than the other place, even with their “prime” shipping. So get off the fence and order this amp. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!
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