Willsenton R8 KT88/EL34 x4 Tube Integrated Amp Power Amplifier New

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First let me say that I have owned my share of decent hifi equipment and most recently coming from a higher end, all Rega system. In my desire to test out the Tube Amplifier waters and a good amount of research, I decided to take a shot at the Willsenton R8, and having not heard nor seen one in the flesh. I can tell you unequivocally, this a a very nice amplifier period and not just for this kind of money. For what I paid, this is a screaming bargain. I am exceptionally pleased that I one, tried the Tube amp waters, and two, that I purchased this amp. What relatively few reviews there are, they pretty much got it all right. This is a full range, top to bottom, sounding amp and I have the EL34 model, highs, lows, it is all in there. Yes there was hesitance to purchase sight unseen from across the world, but I am glad I took the chance. Simply a great amp for music lovers. The communication with China HiFi to me was excellent and from what I have read, must be an improvement from the past. Seems like they have a new customer rep and she has been great (Sophia). It took a little time to "Process" but once I received my tracking number and notification of shipment, it was extremely fast, like 4 days to my door. If you are thinking about purchasing this amp through China HiFi, do it! you will not be disappointed.
Regards, Jim
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