Reisong A10 EL34 tube amp Single-end Class A integrated amplifier Boyuurange

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I have had mine for 4 weeks now and I have to say it truly is excellent all round!! It arrived very safely packed (double boxed too), the build quality is first class and the sound is far, far better than its price would suggest. With speakers properly positioned (pulled well away from the wall) the soundstage is impressively deep and wide and there is detail in music I am very familiar with that I have never heard before and the highs have a clarity that is never tiring to listen to. There is tube (valve in the UK) warmth to the mid range but it is not over done. The only downside I have found is that the absolute lowest octave is very rolled off but the bass region is otherwise very present and clear and deep. I am very, very happy with my purchase, it is a credit to the designer and manufacturer.
Date Added: 04/10/2020 by St**hen Lo**e