G&W TW-F230 Stereo tube Headphone amplifier advanced FET preamp for hifi audio

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G&W TW-F230 Stereo tube Headphone amplifier advanced FET preamp for hifi audio
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It is designed for high-end Sennheiser HD-800 and Beyerdynamic T-1 headphones.
First, the power is required, the output current is large, the output current of TW-F230 is up to 7A, and the output is 2x30W. 8 ohm speakers), when the dynamic is not soft;
Second, to power, power transformer to be large, TW-F230 with imported iron core R-type 80W cattle, promote the stamina;
Third, to power, rectifiers to be large TW-F230 uses 8 feeders of Feida 6A1000V fast rectifier;
Fourth, to output power, the wave capacitance is large, TW-F230 uses Panasonic 35V10000uF capacitor 2;
Five, to push the thrust, the amplification factor is large TW-F230 uses 40 times magnification, high magnification to ensure low distortion, but only the power amplifier part is not enough, TW-F230 power amplifier plus preamplifier, DIY enthusiasts note: amp plus preamp will increase For noise, the TW-F230 circuit layout strictly controls the ground loop and guarantees a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 110dB. After adding the previous level, the details that are heard will increase a lot, and the original very small signal is amplified. Six, difficult to push high-end headphones sound is not enough to live, eating power is very good, small volume listening is not good, less details, no dynamic, to ensure that HD800 sounds live, sounds not hard, the details are richer, TW -F230 FET headphone amplifier power amplifier part is not regulated, the general manufacturer is difficult to do without voltage regulation, no voltage will generate noise, in order to reduce the internal resistance of the power supply, and to ensure extremely low noise, Qing Yilun has achieved power amplifier power supply without voltage regulation, and can obtain great dynamic range at high volume, which can be HD-600, HD-650, TD-880, TD-990, AD-1000, W-1000, W -5000, AKG-240 and other mid-priced headphones pushed to the extreme.
The TW-F230 headphone amplifier uses a precision dual differential amplifier circuit. Imported 70mm thick copper thin double-sided printed circuit board. A front-end amplifier is added to the front end of the headphone amplifier to improve dynamic and drive capability while maintaining an ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio. The Japanese Hitachi 2SK1058/2SJ162 FET is used as the complementary push-pull source output, with low threshold voltage and internal resistance, and good linearity. The power supply part adopts the transformer of the imported R-type iron core, and the extra thick copper is used as the shielding layer. Powered by a dual-bridge rectifier circuit, the advantages are wide frequency response, low output noise, and good transient response. The amp power supply is powered by an unregulated power supply, which greatly increases the dynamics. Adopt Japanese ALPS 2×50K (A) blue high-grade plastic potentiometer. Adopt WIMA, ERO and other world famous fever brand capacitors. The wiring uses a star-shaped grounding method to effectively control the noise on the printed board. A special silver-plated professional audio-grade headphone output socket. The front panel is made of 10mm thick silver-white aluminum wire drawing board, and the rear panel is black aluminum drawing board. The casing is machined from a stretched aluminum structure. Made of pure aluminum solid silver knobs, plus luxurious old mahogany wood. It has a mute function at boot, and it will enter the working state after a delay of 20 seconds. It can drive 8~600W high-end headphones and speakers. Can be used as a power amplifier, the gain of about 38dB to push 4-6.5-inch speakers, can achieve very good results.

1. Input sensitivity: 150mV
2. Frequency response: 5Hz~300KHz (-3dB)
3. Signal to noise ratio: 110dB (A weighting)
4. Harmonic distortion: 0.001% (VRMS: 10V; 1KHz)
5. Output power: 2 × 30W (8Ω, 20Hz ~ 20KHz)
6. Adapter headphone impedance: 8Ω~600Ω high-end headphones and speakers
7. Machine size: 270 mm× 220mm × 130mm(D*W*H)
8. Machine weight: 6Kg

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