G&W TW-DB1000 super power supply filter purifier socket clean

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G&W TW-DB1000 super power supply filter unit Purifier socket

for hi-end audio, Brand new


Once you use the G&W TW-DB1000 power filter super purifier socket, you will find

You will find the voice get thickened, moistened and sweet.
Violin and string rubbing string's texture, charm and clarity are improved.
Piano's strength and dynamic significantly improved, the transparency of the sound, the performance of the weak tone is more accuracy, the sound is more solid and more physical sense.

The hi-end G&W TW-DB1000 power filter type purifier for playing high-definition video, the image clarity and color saturation increased by 20-30%, brightness increased by 15-20%, the original dark details can not see, and now clearly visible. The snow and the "grid effect" in the image are significantly reduced. After the saturation of the color is improved, the three-dimensional image of the image is portrayed, and the lines become more delicate and clear.

1. Imported US HUBBELL American Standard Socket 8.
2. Imported Japanese ancient river gold-plated power plug plug.
3. Output 6-bit socket with a filter isolation, the output power of 1000W, for the former, decoder, CD player audio, audio and video high-definition player, the output power of 1000W, for the high current amplifier and amp; HD TV use.
4. The use of fine drawing of pure aluminum front panel with digital voltage and current meter head.
5. With rails imported Siemens senior silver contacts air switch.
6. Japan imported EI-type core 2 × 500-watt isolation transformer.
7.Net weight:28Kg
8. Gross weight: 30kg
9. power supply: 100V-240V / 50Hz-60Hz, 220V-240V is in stock. 100V-120V usually takes 10-20 business days to order.
10. Dimension:43×36×15CM

Purifier filter effect
Filter out more than 1KHz AC grid noise and interference.
Filter out the lightning, storm, start starter, switch lights, fluorescent strobe, washing machine rotation, refrigerator start and computer running into the power grid interference noise.
Anti-lightning air switch jump and circuit discharge double protection.

Purifier Applicable objects:
Applicable to Hi-end audio playback and AV home theater image equipment power supply system, advanced recording studio, advanced performance hall.
Advanced measurement instrumentation and precision computer power supply system.
Medical equipment power supply system.

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