G&W TW-08D pure power filter socket copper Body for hifi audio

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G&W TW-08D pure power filter socket copper body for hifi audio
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Rated input: 110V-240V/50Hz
The highest voltage: 400V/50Hz
Operating Current: ≤ 15A
Overall size: 445X175X140 (mm)
outlet: 8 US outlet, and 4 universal outlet(can be UK outlet).
Net weight: 5.25kg
Gross Weight: 6.25kg

Filter criteria: must be plugged with earth, the zero line, line of fire power outlet
Filter range: above 1kHz high-frequency filter noise and interference power, automatic protection against lightning
Scope: Sound System, TV and computer power supply system

In recent years, Tsinghua University, G & W from product design to production have witnessed great development and progress. The newly launched TW-08D power cleaner than the previous product design and production, there has been a great breakthrough. First TW-08D is designed with a "pyramid" style of the classic design; followed by the selected materials, chassis using thick copper material, copper plates front and rear panels are used, the circuit uses a large common mode inductor-current filtering and differential mode filtering method, using a self-test "phase and grounded correctly display" instructions the computer grade aluminum fence against touching the power switch; exposed classic round voltmeter, the voltage can be visualized; outlet side of the imported used four "goods"-shaped white-purpose outlet (export-oriented as the British standard socket), the other side of 8 imported black American standard outlet.
TW-08D-type high power purifier designed for hi-fi, professional recording and power supply system, the radio image playback, advanced computer, medical and military equipment and other precision equipment, power systems and development. AC power can effectively filter out noise and interference; TW-08D power purifier can improve the sound system of sound field width and depth, reducing background noise, sound system, make up the background sound is more quiet, transparent sound more clearly; also can enhance the strength and position of the knot as the accuracy, increase the bass contour sense of sound enthusiasts is one of the necessary equipment; Also this purifier can effectively enhance the color saturation and image clarity, reduce TV in interfere with snow, so that the image clearer, more realistic colors, so it is a very modern family of power for Purifier.
This purifier is still continued fine G & W product design, material selection, refined production, production of refined debugging guidelines, it will be classic styling and high quality to meet the senior's relentless pursuit of music enthusiasts and professional musicians who have to meet affirmed and welcomed.

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