FFYX T1804A turntable air bearing with NEWAA25 tonearm vinyl record player set

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FFYX T1804A Hi-Fi vinyl turntable air bearing suspension NEWAA25 tangent vinyl tonearm record player set
100% Brand New

This price is for one set of record player, without turnover cartridge!!


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Turntable part: The aluminum alloy turn table with a thickness of 60mm is used, the surface is turned with a diamond knife, and then chemically polished, so the surface is extremely smooth!60MM thick solid aluminum alloy turntable has a good moment of inertia, so that the smoothness of the rotation is guaranteed!
Bearing part: T1804A adopts a new and improved version of air bearing, which is more convenient to install and has higher rotation accuracy
Base part: It adopts solid 60mm thick high density board, with aluminum alloy frame + rubber shock absorber ring, can provide excellent shock absorber effect!The arm mount uses an extended SME arm mount, and with our conversion board, you can use most of the arm on the market! And 9-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch singing arm can be installed!
With AA25 precision air-float tangent vinyl tone arm
Special Note: Because the special extension arm plate has an accurate distance from the axis of the dial, the circular base of the arm can be installed on the arm cover to adjust the wheelbase very intuitively and easily. The arm adjusts the special ruler, which makes it very easy and accurate to adjust the wheelbase, super range and effective length of the turntable. The novice will no longer worry about adjusting the player.
Motor and control part: The touch panel is used, which can theoretically be infinite life! Real-time speed display, intuitive monitoring of the real-time speed of the turntable!
The motor adopts a newly developed control system. The speed is precise and stable. 33 and 45 can be directly switched on the panel and can be fine-tuned separately!

Size: 450 wide * 350 deep * 160 high ( excluding motor)
Total Weight: 20KG

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